Patrick Raposa, Dolf Dietrich & Darron Bluu

Two scenes this week for these guys.

Patrick Raposa with two site owners – with Clay at Raunchy Bastards & Rob at Military Classified as Eddy.

Dolf Dietrich, who stands at 6’5″, as the top & bottom to a twink – with Marcus Rivers at Fun Size Boys & Jack Bailey at Twink Top.

Darron Blue with & without a condom as the bottom – with Dillon Diaz at Gay Room & Izzy Danger at Broke Straight Boys.

7 thoughts on “Patrick Raposa, Dolf Dietrich & Darron Bluu

  1. I feel bad for Military Classified and miss the days where he could actually find, horny/broke/curious military guys – the death of Craigslist and the pandemic have not helped; so many recycled porn stars – the worst is that he passes them off as “new finds”.

  2. I don’t think Dolf Dietrich fucking all these underage-looking twinks is what his reputation needs right now.

    1. Yeah, Jack’s mud has stuck and I actually thought that the on-again-off-again boyfriends were the only ones who could stand to touch each other at the moment.

      1. Was it ‘mud’ though? He posted photographic evidence…I know he issued a retraction, but I’m not sure I believe the retraction.

  3. This is just disgusting. I’m glad was able to be around real straight men doing gay porn that were actually sexy with real body. Not pumped up with steroids. It’s all political now and dudes now are all queers and too feminine and out and proud waving the flag. There’s no more normal sexy hetero like studs like Josh Harting or tommy. Just old nasty gay men taking advantage of these gay younger men or straight men. No one wants to see that. Along with those disgusting gang bang college sex with recruiting models, you’re not fooling anyone, abusing the bottoms creating stigma into the gay community. It’s all down hill now with bring trans into gay porn, seeing actual pussy and tits in gay porn. It’s all gross and until this day I only jack off to old school porn and Haven’t gotten into today’s porn.

    1. I agree with the pussy in gay porn part, but the obsession with straight men has was been overtop and I believe has encourage the ‘gay men fucking pussy’ trend.

  4. Patrick is the kind of ginger street trash that keeps coming back, and I like him, eats cum, gets bred, tops.

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