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      1. A man who identifies as a woman is simply that: a man who identifies as a woman. Just like with any other form of dysphoria (anorexia, unwanted limbs, body dysmorphia, etc.) a person’s thoughts do not change reality. There is a disturbing narrative that has evolved around the trans issue: it’s not enough to say ‘live and let live’, now there is this demand that others MUST see them as they see themselves. This is no different to a rail thin anorexic telling me that I have to believe they are morbidly obese because, in their mind, that’s how they see themselves.

        It has reached the point that homosexuals are being berated simply for saying they are only attracted to biological men. There is now a push to redefine ‘gay’ as same-gender attracted. Well, no. I won’t be playing along. There may be some ‘gay’ men who believe that a woman who has had her breasts removed and grown some facial hair has become a man, but I’m not one of them. Trans people should have the right to live life to the fullest just like everyone else, however, they do not have the right to tell homosexuals that our sexual orientation is ‘wrong’ or ‘close-minded’ simply for being exclusively attracted to the same sex.

        1. This thinking makes so much sense. But I have questions: are you saying that trans children should not be recognized in schools, and they should not be allowed to use the facility of the gender they view themselves as?

        2. This is one of the most sensible and reasonable posts I’ve ever read here but sadly reasonable and sensible don’t work anymore these days, people just want to insist in whatever delusions they create in their minds. People believing any crappy religious dogma, people thinking the Earth is flat, people thinking vaccines are bad for you, people thiinking they can control or ‘choose’ their sexuality or gender; I mean, if you take away all the people who live their life based on pure delusions and lies they create in their own little heads, who’s left?

        3. except reality acknowledges the difference between physiological sex and the social construction of gender. someone born with a penis and being a man are two different things. one is to have a penis, one is to play the role of a man. separate. acknowledging trans people isnt about distorting reality, but to realize that sex and gender are not mutually exclusive, but not immutably linked. i used to think like you until i realized the difference between the two.

          lets not fall into the strawman trap that to be pro trans is to distort reality. no transwoman will claim they have vaginas. any sensible pre-surgery transwoman acknowledges they have a penis. however, having a penis has no bearing to what gender role one identifies with. mutual exclusivity.

          1. No it does nor being male means having XY chromosomes that’s a biological fact. Men we have a penis we produce testosterone. Trans people take hormones of the opposite gender to be who they see themselves as. But it isn’t reality. Men cannot give birth. Some people focus too much on gender theory ignoring biology.

            1. Do not use chromosomes to justify being this or that.
              Chromosomic sex is not as simple as people believe


          2. no transwoman will claim they have vaginas.

            Have you been on twitter lately? lmao!

            They simply call their penis “clitty” and pretend that their neovaginas are the exact same thing as an actual vagina.

            That’s where the problem lies.

            FtMs do the same thing, by the way.

        4. I am on JK Rowling side if that means I am a TERF then so be it. The feminists have got it right the world has gone upside down. I agree with trans activists that trans people face discrimination. But a man can NEVER be a woman. I understand the anger JR Rowling, Margaret Atwood, Germaine Greer have. Cis gender women now got to be PC to appeal to trans women. It is ridiculous. Kuper obviously suffering from gender dysphoria. I just hope he kept his penis. On YouTube there is a video by BBC in UK about trans people who regret their transition and try to detransition. I believe trans people do face discrimination but I see the feminists anger. Kuper identifies as a woman so I don’t think his tweets should be on this site.

        5. No one is forcing you to do anything. Acknowledging reality is not binary is not the same as that. And as for the “reality changing person thoughts”, do I need to remind you that for a long time we gay people didn’t exist either? That we were deluded or sick and heterosexuality was the only real thing?
          A person’s thoughts do not change reality and the reality is that sex is more complicated than we believe and biology doesn’t justify transphobia.Quite the opposite once you learn about the biological spectrum.

          You can’t say “Trans people should have the right to live life to the fullest just like everyone else” and then insist on refusing to acknowledge they are who they say they are. Own your own prejudices instead of pretending to be tolerant

          1. There is no “biological spectrum”. People with intersex conditions are still male or female as their condition is sex specific and they did not ask to be lumped in with transgender people or the LGBTA-Z alphabet people.

            No I don’t want to call autogynophile men who say they are women, women. Not do I think gay men who don’t want to fuck transmen and lesbians who don’t want to have sex with transwomen bigots and trying to shaming them into doing so is raped. I’ll gladly acknowledge that buck angel is a transgender man as he did extensive therapy before beginning his physical transition.

            As for trans kids, of course they need to be treated with compassion, but the fact that over 80% desist from gender dysphoria and grow out of it should be a strong indicator to not rush puberty blockers, cross sex hormones or social transition and deny that blockers have no side effects and cause no long term health issues is delusional and dangerous.

      2. Lmao, some man in drag does not a woman make. Your DNA will always be male or female not tRaNs!

  1. Max, if you are crying & having a mental break down… why stop and post on Twitter? Just another drama queen!

    Why is Kuper featured in this section? Big pass!

  2. Roman Todd was always cute and a solidly reliable performer, but damn, guy’s a fuckin’ smokeshow these days: handsome AF and he has a beautiful physique.

  3. “Like i just took 35 loads this weekend”

    …The next incurable STD is going to do a number on this community, again.

    1. If I have sex with 450 disease-free men in one day, I have absolutely 0% chance of contracting an STI. The next incurable STI will have no effect on me.

      1. Nobody (except bugchasers) thinks their partner will give them an STD, yet the prevalence of STDs proves that thinking someone is safe and them actually being safe/disease-free are not the same thing. A lot of people have simply stopped caring about managing their sexual health because they think everything can be cured after the fact (or prevented with PrEP)… until something emerges that can’t.

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