XXXMas, Ethan O’Pry, Fraternity X, Vince & Noir Male

Christmas Themed Scenes

It starts next Friday for Men with their Office XXXmas Party scene.

Ethan O’Pry

From USA (Johnny Rapid) to Eastern Europe (Ethan O’Pry of Belami Online) for Ben at his site at Ben’s Boys.

A New Home

Fraternity X is now Frat X.

While, Slam Rush is now Face Down Ass Up.

The reason? An issue with Mastercard due to an anonymous complaint.

From Prison To Gay Porn In 12 Days

From Beefcake Hunter on their latest model “Vince got off from prison just twelve days before our meet.“.

Being Black In Porn

The launch of Noir Male in 2018 created a controversy since the site was described as “The Sexiest Black Males, The Hottest Sex, in Real Life Scenarios.” yet an all white models was used by its director to promote the site. Their documentary on Being Black In Porn has been included in the 23rd Annual Reelout Queer Film Festival.


  1. Muggy

    The homely fat chicks included in its latest scene is sure to get every gay man rock hard this Christmas season. More fantastic work from that hellhole of a company.

  2. Bull (@wldone)

    Vince is hot in a rough trade way. Love that his cock is not big, Hit me up when he kisses, sucks cock and gets fucked. Hopefully he isn’t str8.

  3. Andy

    Noir Male is interesting the website claims to showcase black models yet most of their videos are interracial. Do black men REALLY get the spotlight on the site? Obviously for business reasons there are many interracial videos to reach a wider audience. That is a business decision. There is nothing wrong with interracial but you rarely sex videos between black men. Most of the black men who work with Noir Male to be honest are boring. It is a shame how many fucking times can DeAngelo Jackson be in a video? He has a nice body but DeAngelo dick is small. When I watch porn I want to see black men with huge cocks not a guy who has an average five inch penis. Noir Male has to find new black models who are versatile and got huge dicks.

    • Davey D.

      Dude, porn has jaded you. DeAngelo has a nice sized penis. And is stunning and a great performer. Not all black models have big penises . Just like not all white performers have small ones. Noir has had more scenes featuring all black men recently as I suspect they realized their mistakes.

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