Beaux Banks & Dalton Riley

7 scenes (1 for each deadly sin – mostly str8 but with lesbian, bi, trans & gay scenes) were released by Modern Day Sins (part of the Adult Time network) when it was launched on New Year’s Day. But, one scene is missing on the main page.

Which scene?

The gay scene can be viewed when you click “View All”.


  1. IDK

    It’s almost like the decision to add gay content was an afterthought, which reflects very well the state of the industry as a whole.

    I won’t be surprised at all if they decide to bury their future gay scenes deep into the site to not upset their straight audience.

    It’s all inclusive, it’s all queer… until it isn’t.

    As always, gay men get the short end of the stick.

  2. andrew

    Hot stuff: Handsome Dalton is a hot top and seeing him fucking the cock hungry beautiful bronze Beaux Banks booty is smokin hot.

  3. Bastian

    Exactly, gay scenes are hidden by default, also there is no Gay category on the menu, but Trans and Bisexual are included. Looks like gay is not ok, when you run a site for pansexual.

  4. Alex

    Okay seriously, DOES ANYONE EVEN LIKE MAKING GAY PORN ANYMORE? From producers, directors, models, etc… NOBODY seems to be happy about it anymore, I seriously think it’s the least liked/friendly industry out of all the porn industries

    • sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

      Well it probably is the only porn industry where the majority of the people involved in it don’t even share the same sexuality of the genre they’re producing so it’s not really surprising how little gay-friendly it is, paradoxical though it sounds

    • McM.

      Falcon and Raging Stallion work primarily with gay men, for decades in fact. And with the exception of that MAGA ass-hat S.Miles, so does Lucas Entertainment. ColbyKnox is another because they also have live camming which doesn’t work out well with hets.

      Tim Tales, Cutler’s Den, and others are out there. Smaller sites like LetThemWatch, which has an OnlyFans feel to scenes, aren’t highlighted in blogs so most don’t know they exist.

      • Alex

        Primarily working with the gays doesn’t cut it. In fact, none of the studios mentioned has quality to me. RagingHotFalconmess has been hiring questionable individuals as of late and their scenes are bland and try-hard, and we know how much of a cunt ms.duckface is. Same goes for the rest of the list

  5. andrew

    So many gay cry babies post negative comments and down vote things on MOP. We are living in the best of times and in one of the best places in the history of the world for LGBTQ people and they don’t even realize it.

    • Muggy

      I’m gay, not ‘LGBTQ’. And we’re actually living through the decline of not only gay porn but of the concept of a gay community and of the notion of gay pride. I’m sorry you’re too stupid to see that.

      • andrew

        Sadly you are a nasty person and your mind is trapped in negativity. You are unable to see all the wonderful things that are happening in the LGBTQ community. You must be an unhappy person because just on this site you constantly say mean things about people. I’m so glad I don’t live in your dark, dreary and sad world. Seek help. Life is too short not to enjoy all the wonderful people and things around us.

        • Muggy

          I’m sorry that honesty offends you. You referenced the ‘great’ things happening in the LGBTQ community but never mention the gay community in particular. Gee, I wonder why. Probably because the latest trend in gay porn is telling gay men they should have sex with trans men and trans woman or that they should outright convert and start doing creampies in women’s vaginas to be macho. Lesbians are being subjected to this too, with many being told to suck cock and to get over ‘their genital preferences’.

          The whole thing is the opposite of gay pride. It’s colonization and homophobia by the T and the Q, which shows they have zero respect for gays and lesbians. Everything gay men fought for is being torn down, and I’m sick of it.

          You’re choosing a happy lie and personal comfort over the truth because GLAAD and Queerty told you to.

          • Alex

            Ignore andrew. Ms.thang is known on porn blogs for her desperate thirsty comments and has been exposed as an apologist whenever she got caught defending known racists and rapists. Homegurl is nastier than chlamydia

        • Alex

          Says the weirdo defending known rapists and murderers. Bitch gtfo

  6. R47

    Love Dalton Riley, on the bottom. Not with women. Maybe Iā€™m old fashioned, but to me, gay porn means men, no women needed. As many people involved, they should be men. No vaginas or boobs necessary.That includes F to M. Straight porn aficionados stroke out if guys touch each other, therefore no gay action. Same rules should apply for gay porn. I agree with Muggy

  7. Kevin Jones

    So much for being all inclusive. Which is a same because it’s a HOT scene.

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