David Skylar, Collin Simpson, Steve Rickz, Tyler Wu, Ryan Jordan …

Other tweets this week – Happy New Year & 10 Year Challenge.

18 thoughts on “David Skylar, Collin Simpson, Steve Rickz, Tyler Wu, Ryan Jordan …

  1. Colin Simpson “this woman has loved me unconditionally every second of every day” – didn’t they just break up (again) a few months ago?

    Congrats to the happy couple! I see days of happiness ahead of you, not much more.

    1. Colin Simpson is another one of those “straight guys” who want to be taken care of as soon as he starts having any kind of problems in his life. They just broke up not to long ago & he was trying to crawl back to the gays to support him, but now they are back together & he’s going to re-retire from gay porn after you gave your money to him.

      He just needs to stay gone cause let’s be honest he gave lackluster performances in his scenes & he’s quite boring to watch. He wasn’t really missed when he left the first time & won’t be now. He just needs to step away, get a job, & properly take care of the family he wants with her.

  2. Wow. David Skylar is turning out to be a total mess. Stop using ailments to fish for attention.

    Stone, seriously stupid ink.

    Congrats Simpson. I guess.

    Wu… You’re not right for porn.

  3. Collin Simpson is going to keep having sex with other guys. The lady he is engaged to needs to realize this. Collin is bisexual. He will comeback to gay porn when he gets dumped again.

    1. I know I got downvoted by my prior comment was in sarcasm. I only wish him luck because that girl seemingly got him locked in. Especially to take care of her two “not-his-kids”

  4. Hang on, hang on, hang on…is this the same woman as last time? He was seeing her, they were supposedly having a baby, then had “adopted” her existing kids, then they broke-up seemingly bitterly…so, is this that same woman, or a new one? In which case…every day since when? Boxing Day?

    Collin isn’t in a healthy mental state to have a relationship with anyone and least of all to be a father. He needs to get well, before he drags anyone and everyone else down with him.

  5. Oh Wow… I didn’t know David Skylar was such a confused asshole ! Who knew?
    Colin Simpson… Does it really need to be said? We will be hearing about this “happy family” and not in a good way for months to come. It all probably ends up on an episode of Dateline “daddy killers”
    Ryan Jordan, soory about whatever happened to mom and dad.
    The rest…………Who Cares….

  6. Hot stuff. Niko Vangelis is a demigod come down from Mount Olympus and Steve Rickz has one of the plumpest and sexiest booties on planet earth. Even Michael Boston probably envies him.

  7. Niko is physically perfect.rickz wu and jansen look great as well.. I hope Ryan Jordan’s parents are feeling better. skylar and simpson are clickbait and I will not give any entry about them any attention..because they do not deserve it

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