Greg Riley, Teddy Bryce, Trent Marx, Bobby Ryder, Seth Knight, Christian Wilde, Ty Roderick …

From a split tongue to a new tattoo.

Models accused of assault.

Gathering of models = Future fan content

Out of prison.


  1. Muggy

    Chris Damned needs to remove the word ‘faggot’ from his vocabulary. Non-gay performers have no right to use it.

    • Jaxon

      He is gay. Stfu weirdo.

  2. camillebe

    I feel sad of me. I am not that attractive and I am bad at sex. I feel frustrated. I hope everybody in porn id doing well.

  3. Res1

    Ty is too old to be making that face. It’s no longer 2014 and he isn’t Justin Bieber. Even Justin stopped making that constipated face.

  4. Sean

    Trent if your bf did get assaulted, he should go to the police & you should stop posting about the situation!

    Bobby, I hope you recover quickly.

    Seth, always complaining! Maybe people just don’t find you interesting and you should get another job.

    Christian, I’ve never understood how you get booked (gross)

    No surprise Devin, you have so many scenes. Where haven’t you had sex? No judgment, just facts!

  5. Brad

    Is Chris Damned French Canadian? His tweet about dancing to Britney Spears (I guess), shows a very poor handle of the English language. Also, it could be homophobic.

  6. Pavel Ford

    Seth Knight : You really are clueless dude. Its because you are done, its OVER ! You barely had an audience when you were the “new kid” in porn a 100 years ago. You are a pesky little annoying gnat buzzing around and bothering everyone. Go get that job at Wendy’s that you know you have had waiting on you for years. Just please, GO AWAY. People today are living lives full of real problems and you whine about not having any re tweets? You shallow cock sucker, go away.
    Other than Ryan Jordan, I really don’t see anyone here that is worth talking about. A bigger bunch of has been’s and never was’s I have never seen….

    • Fathom

      I think Seth Knight is a bigger deal in his own mind than he is in anyone else’s; he’s tweeted this kind of thing before. When he was a bigger deal several years ago and getting regular studio work, I didn’t find him attractive in the slightest: scrawny, overly plucked eyebrows. He’s a lot cuter now that he’s filled out and stopped with the eyebrows, but he should probably just pipe down and do his OnlyFans; I don’t know what he’s saying that he thinks is so worthy of conversation.

    • The Porn Emperor

      What, exactly, do you get out of posting a hateful rant against people you don’t even know?

  7. Alex

    Did anyone even attend the gay stand at the expo (which I assume literally was just one lmao)? It does feel like it was just a reunion of models and directors/producers, like, y’all are that irrelevant.

  8. kevin

    greg looks good and ryan needs to get some good news about covid and his family

  9. Reg

    WHY does damn Chris Damned have to say things like that? He’s openly NOT gay! He’s Gay4Pay and has no right to call himself a faggot. He’s not part of the community, he’s part of the problem.

    And Ty…bad mistake. That haircut is AWFUL. The best thing you did in prison was grow it and now you’re looking pretty meh.

    It was hilarious last night with Christian though, because he was on Chaturbate, had over a thousand followers and tips flying in…for absolutely no reason. He was fully clothed and just sat there smiling.

    Ah and I see that Delgaty is doing as much in that photo as he does in porn.

  10. The Porn Emperor

    Considering the high number of big dicks that have pounded Chris Damned’s hole, I don’t have a problem with his talking like “dancing like a faggot,” or being ostensibly straight.

  11. Bull (@wldone)

    I hate the word Faggot no matter who says it. It brings back horrid memories of my youth. The same with the word queer. I wish those two words would just disappear. Escpecially from the glbtq+ community.

  12. Ramone

    Devin Franco .. anytime..anywhere..anything..

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