Hugo Antonin of William Higgins as Pavlos Hard at Brazzers

Like any other Eastern European male porn star, he went by different names when he started in 2014. He was Hugo Antonin at William Higgins, Florian Mraz at Staxus & Roy Garrett (renamed to Florian Mraz) of Boy Fun.

He now has 200+ scenes released, a few of them in bi (like Bi Empire) & str8 porn.

His tattoo on his right shoulder can be seen in some of his latest scenes at Belami Online (as Jonas Miller) and William Higgins.

That tattoo was present in his first scene released yesterday by Brazzers where he was known as Pavlos Hard.

Pavlos is on Twitter as Pavlos Hicklos.

24 thoughts on “Hugo Antonin of William Higgins as Pavlos Hard at Brazzers

    1. His banner states “ MALE PORN STARS – mostly from gay porn, sometimes str8, bi & trans porn”, did he start this off as a gay porn website? As far as I remember way back in 2006, it’s always been that way

    2. There is no place that says this is a gay website. You got that wrong. It’s called Men of Porn, not Men of Gay Porn. Read the banner. Mostly gay, but sometimes str8, bi, and trans. He can post what he wants to post. Don’t like it? Then don’t visit.

          1. I don’t complain about my individual posts getting lots of down votes. I laugh at the 100 or so down votes some of Denz threads sometimes get, because I seriously doubt they are posted by 100 different people. I’m actually amused by the many down votes that I get because I know they are coming from a bunch of self centered cry babies. “Oh how difficult our gay lives are and Denz makes it worse by making us look at Str8, G4P, bi, trans people and women.” LOL. Grow up. Act like a mature person and try to respond without being vulgar.

            1. Whatever helps you sleep at night but the truth is that you are hated all across the forums you’ve even been on for being a passive-agressive ass. The one who needs to grow up asap is you, honey. I can’t believe all the backlash you always receive still hasn’t told you anything. That’s a level of delusion that is certainly not healthy.

              1. “you are hated all across the forums” LOL. I just checked my Disqus numbers and on those sites I’ve made 3020 comments and 3146 upvotes. Except for MOP and WB I get mostly positive feedback on all the other blogs on which I post. I admit that on here I get a lot of downvotes from gays who see themselves as persecuted and try to put down anyone who says something positive about str8, g4p, bi or trans people in gay porn. On WB there was a group who criticized me because I didn’t join their lynch mob and condemn people that they accused of being pedophiles or racists. I do sleep well at night because I’m confident in my opinions and am not disturbed by the criticisms that I get from people whose opinions I don’t respect.

  1. For what it’s worth, I think his first porn scene, Czech Hunter, was super hot! He got fucked there, was very reluctant and seemed not to wanna do it, but while having his ass fucked, the anal stimulation overwhelmed him and he cummed bad! Then he bottoms like loads after, shame he doesn’t do that any more. If you wanna see guys getting off from being fucked, go look at his old bottoming scenes. I don’t even look at him now, but back then, he sure is a sight to watch. I liked him a lot then, these Czech boys ?

  2. I know, I know, basically all models off the Euro Porn assembly line are G4P, but Hugo Antonin was one of the few Europorn models I liked….

  3. Is this kind of content supposed to make these performers more popular? Or is it some sort of a “presented without comment” exposé? I can’t speak for everyone, but the more I know about how straight a performer is, including shots of him in straight porn, the less I want to watch his scenes ever again.

  4. What is exactly the point here? Many male porn stars on the straight side have started out in gay porn, and it’s become more and more accepted to the point that nobody cares anymore. Why in the world do you people care? I just don’t get it.

    1. It these times, other than watching Ellen, or The View,” these folks don’t have anything else to do… PERIOD! Raggin on some else’s life cause they are so unhappy is their way of life.

      Racing to comment on this post will be other. Btw, sorry ladies if you think I’m going to check back to read your comments – lol never!

  5. Hugo, or Pavlos, or Florian… It don’t matter. This guy has turned in some very hot scenes.
    I could care less if he says he is gay or straight or non committal.
    If his scenes get you off, why does anyone care?

  6. He’s always been an outstanding performer and I would think he’s bi. I am still searching for any information on Brian Jovanovich of Bel Ami, who started out as Vasik Konik at Higgins, who did about 100 BA scenes admitting in one interview he had a real life partner who knew of his porn career–but didn’t identify the sex. Anyone have a clue?

    1. My note is timely–BA’s scene today features Brian Jovovich getting fucked by Andrei Karenin and Roald Ekberg, and he eats Andrei’s load. I wonder if this is from the archive because he has not done much recently and the write-up indicates this may have been done when they were newbies. Any way you can find out, Demz?

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