Jack Dixon, Declan Blake & Jeremy Bilding

Jack Dixon at Treasure Island Media (2016?) & Gaycest (2022).

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I thought they were the same guy due to this profile at Treasure Island Media that listed scenes of the other guy named Jack Dixon on the site.

Declan Blake at Cocky Boys (2020) & Disruptive Films (2022).

Cocky Boys vs Disruptive Films [gallery]

Jeremy Bilding at Next Door Studios (2011) & as Ryan Diller Driller at See Him Solo (2022).

Next Door Studios [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03] vs See Him Solo

15 thoughts on “Jack Dixon, Declan Blake & Jeremy Bilding

  1. Why with the tattoo obsession with these guys?? Jack ruined himself with the ink. A few, yes but the whole body.. I can’t. He’s not as bad as tongue slicing Teddy Bryce.

    Declan looks much more distinguished with the facial hair.

    I see that Jeremy/Ryan has been enjoying some extra servings. I’m not mad though… I like men with or without some meat to them. Thick is sexy too.

  2. I have a love hate for this idiot. Even in his heavier days, which he has admitted he is an ex fatty, he is still quite hot, but his stupid far leftists non sense is hard to listen to. And ive read his “wife” is in denial somewhat of his gay porn past and of his current porn work. Idk if thats 100% true but if its true and he doesnt stop porn for his wife, well she has no slef respect, UNLESS she is hooking up w guys on her own off camera (i understand his wife is a casting director in hollywood of some type or degree).

  3. Every one of these guys looks better young. And tbh they didn’t even look that great when they were young.

  4. Declan looked good then and still looks good now. Bilding/Diller is an attractive guy, but isn’t really porn-ready at the moment. Dixon’s appearance is a visual illustration of bad life choices.

    1. I mean, I would argue that Bilding/Diller is still hot, but that’s just me and my own tastes

  5. Those are two different Jack Dixons. It’s not even the same person. Dear Lord, do some research.

  6. Jack Dixon (I) is a major creep. I mean a MAJOR creep. I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up in jail one day.

    1. Andrew, FieldMedic, there is no need to run defense for a guy like Jack Dixon (I). He’s participated in sexual fantasies involving 5 year old boys, pedo stories. Are you going do defend that too?

  7. Declan looks good then and now. I always liked Jeremy/Ryan. He’s still very handsome in the face, but his body is too porky for my taste. At least he hasn’t gone crazy with the ink like some.

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