Kyle Polaski, Hatler Gurius & Evan Knoxx

Same Bottom From Eastern Europe

Helix Studios & Bromo had the same bottom (Bob aka Kyle Polaski) with their latest bought content from Eastern Europe.

Serviced & Fucked

Hatler Gurius (aka Jesse Bentley) with his service video with Johnny B at Chaos Men. And, Hatler as Jesse in an orgy at Face Up, Ass Down (formerly Slam Rush).

Top & Bottom

Evan Knoxx (or Knox) as the top to Justin Matthews at Next Door Studios [gallery] and as the bottom to Kane Fox at Cocky Boys.


  1. andrew

    I love watching handsome and muscular Justin Matthews getting some good dick and Evan delivered the goods.

  2. bo

    Kyle Polaski aka Michal Stranik, etc. identified himself very strongly as gay in his Higgins erotic solo..

    • Alec

      Oh, he’s actually gay? No wonder I like his scenes so much

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