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August Alexander accused of assault.




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  1. Guys like Xavier really don’t do a lot of good for the bisexual cause, do they? I know they believe they are beacons of open-mindedness but in fact they are just riddled with toxic masculinity and internalized homophobia and most of the time they come across as really ignorant and overly aggressive. If I were bisexual I’d be embarrassed to be ‘represented’ by this kind of guy.

    1. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of bi guys like him then people want to admit. But we must say it, so we can move forward with the reality of what most bi guys are. Because it’s even annoying to see bi guys complain they are victims (usually the same types as Xavier) about biphobia and discrimination from all over blah blah blah then say and act out shit like this.

      1. Here’s the thing: most bisexual men who go for serious same-sex relationships only do so because of a lack of female options (straight and even bisexual women aren’t exactly keen on dating or having serious entanglements with bisexual men).

        It might be a bitter pill of some to swallow for some, but that’s the truth.

        The ones who whine about “biphobia” and shit like that only do so because they want to have their cake and eat it too: they want the social legitimacy and security of straight relationships while being perceived as “oppressed” in the woke asphere (for some reason in such spaces being “opressed” is taken as a virtue, something which gives one social capital).

  2. Some trashy awards, porn stars pretending to be celebrities, some tweets from porn actors offended because they didn’t get nominated for the crappy awards and a bunch of other irrelevant tweets from guys who will soon be forgotten.

  3. I’m actually shocked…there are some gay porn stars who aren’t anti-vaxxers. Every single one of Rocky Vallarta’s Instagram stories is conspiracy this, you’re dumb as fuck for getting the vaccine that. I really hope those guys recover well and thank you for not being a Rocky, Markus Kage or Jake Porter!

    And Dolf…have you picked up enough pieces over the last year? You put yourself back together, only to beg for Jack Mackenroth to smash you apart again.

  4. They’re getting COVID because of their work/lifestyle. And it’s not like they are particularly worried or else they wouldn’t be working out maskless at the gym, doing orgy after orgy for OF, and traveling via airplanes constantly. How is anyone shocked? Stay safe? Yet they perpetuate it and have been since before the vaccines.

  5. Somehow I think if the white guy had been accused by the online lynch mob he’d still have a job. Actually, there would probably be no lynch mob.

  6. In Rocky Vallarta defense he is from Montreal Quebec. Quebec Premier Legault has locked down the province. The entire province has a curfew. I don’t think Americans understand how bad the Quebec government treating people. Now in Quebec you need vaccine passports just to buy groceries. Rocky is a gym rat he loves the gym and of course Montreal gyms closed.

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