Two scenes were released today that had the first time as the bottom for Clyde & Riley.

Clyde first had Lane, Randy, Manny, Robbie, Kurt, Ayden, Asher & Chris as his bottom at Sean Cody. His latest had him bottom for Deacon.

While, Riley (aka Justin Weston & Foster Joad) first had Mike Johnson, Jesse Nice & Ryan Jordan as his bottom at Active Duty. It was followed by Zander, Noah, Kyler, Jared, Rocky & Roman at Corbin Fisher. His latest had him bottom for Rocky.

5 thoughts on “Top to bottom for Clyde & Riley

  1. I quite enjoyed Clyde as a bottom. It’s always refreshing to see a formerly strict top bottom-up. Jax and Jack…they either need to retire from the site, or step-up, so hopefully a few of the guys follow Clyde’s example. He took it like a champ! And I love the retro 80’s hairstyle 😉

    1. Hasn’t Jack bottomed already, though? I remember his sweaty pairing with Daniel.

      As for Jax, I, too, would love to see him bottom for once. Closest we got are the dildos he played with on his fan site. And moving to didn’t do him any good, I think.

  2. Watched both. Clyde and Deacon were a hot mix, clearly into each other and they had plenty of chemistry. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Clyde, and it needs to be said that if the chemistry had been lacking then his hair would have ruined the whole thing.

    Rocky’s face doesn’t work for me. Riley clearly struggled and the attraction between the two was not there. I’ve seen worse bottoming debuts but I doubt Riley’s going to improve in that area.

  3. He’s cute, but the Riley scene was incredibly awkward and unprofessional. Newbies need to work with good crews, scene partners and directors. CF needs to do better than this if they don’t want to lose out to OF.

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