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    1. Attention whore? He’s a porn star who makes money by letting people know that he exists. That’s like saying the sun shines, that water’s wet, or that the wind blows. WTF are you expecting? That’s not the put down that you think it is!

      1. I’m glad you agree that he’s an attention whore. Now try getting him to admit it and convincing him to shut the fuck up.

  1. I hate to be repetitive but how annoying is Xavier? Maybe the reason you don’t have friends isn’t your sexuality, but your (foul) personality. Now it is a bit curious how all these guys who do gay porn and insist on this fluid persona share very similar personality traits, isn’t it?

    1. Xavier is a loon. The fact that he says he can’t help being ‘attracted to everything’ and that’s why he can’t maintain relationships is clear sign of someone unstable. People who pathologically sexualizing everyone and everything often have psychological problems. I’ve seen it in people with borderline personality disorder for example.

      I don’t care if its not PC to say that. It’s the truth.

      1. The wording also doesn’t help it at all, as I doubt a run of the mill bisexual men is “attracted to everything”. In the way he put it, it sounds like he doesn’t have any standards at all, which can be a turn off for some.

        Also, unless he’s one of those people who like to make their sex life their whole character, I doubt being “attracted to everything” would be enough to mess with his interpersonal relationships.

  2. Unimpressed with David Skylar’s skin cancer excuse. I’ve had similar small growths removed prior to returning to work within the hour. The photo he posts does him no favors. You can see where the doctor shaved his chest… about two weeks ago given the length of the chest hair that’s grown back. When you take a brief break from OF (or whatever platform), fess up and then move on. Honesty is the best policy.

  3. Kane identifies as bisexual, so what’s he complaining about? And he’s had relationships with men…that’s a bit like saying he has gay friends.

    1. He’s complaining about unhinged people accusing him of not actually liking men.

      There are some fucking INSANE people on here that want to gatekeepers for sexuality and just accuse any bisexual man of being “gayforpay”.

      “And he’s had relationships with men…that’s a bit like saying he has gay friends.”

      No, thats saying he’s not “gay-for-pay” or “pretending to like men”

  4. Isn’t Ryan the same one who posted about his upcoming date not that long ago and reluctantly told us it was a female he was dating? Wouldn’t that be considered personal life? Alrighty. Then his later tweets about his DMs strike similar to another back and forth porn star named Colin Simpson. Hmmm. Okay. I’ll get to that at the end.

    Personally I’d never send any pics of my shit to anyone online… porn star or private partner. Revenge porn isn’t my style but to the guys who do, I can see why they feel comfortable in doing so. They’re doing so on the basis of porn on a porn stars explicit Twitter account. Not their personal Facebook or Instagram.

    Let’s be real these guys are porn stars. Their online personas are built on their public showings of hardcore sex and masturbation… so they should expect sexual themed DMs and thirst pics over themselves and for that to come on a daily basis. These apps aren’t your personal dating sites or sites for your family to view. If he feels that way, delete your social media platforms and you don’t have to be worried about it at all.

    Sounds to me that Ryan is going that route and is ready to stop porn, date and marry someone (I think we know the type he’ll go for) and start a family and fade away. Maybe the constant nudity and sexual nature of porn is dying away for him. Who knows?? His posts and rhetoric sounds that way for sure. He’s slowed down his pornographic posts for sure so….


    Maybe he’s tired of GAY porn and we can make many assumptions on why. Remember like the words of dumb ass Colin Simpson, Ryan said he didn’t want any DM pics of “DICKS OR ASS” not of tits and pussy. Just keep that in mind. I’m sending heteronormativity scratching at the door. That’s my take. Curious about what you guys think?

    1. Ryan is actually a decent guy. The problem is that people believe that bc a person is a sex worker, they think about sex 24-7-365. even if they do think about sex all the time does not mean they are wrong for not wanting dick or ass pics in their DMs. twitter is not a hookup app, that is often sex workers way of interacting with their fans, so why do people get upset that sex workers dont want to see their private parts without requesting them.

      people need to learn boundaries and understand that just bc someone uses sex to make money that does not give everyone the right to send them dick, ass, tits or pussy pics. this is a sex worker issue and not one of a performers sexuality.

      1. I’d call it the “Collin Simpson Effect”, because he would Tweet about wanting to see dicks, but when he was DM’d, he would screenshot and shame the people who did it.

        These guys can’t separate their personal lives and professional personas…it’s why it becomes creepy that they post ultrasound pictures.

      2. Personally IMO it comes with the territory and also has been since the dawn of sex work. The only thing that needs to be guaranteed is protection from assault, r*pe and trafficking .

        Not saying it’s right just saying it’s the nature of the business and having seeing those complain about it is tiring.

  5. Cade Maddox looks like the Danny O’Day ventriloquist doll in that picture (although certainly a hot man in other attire, like none).

    I’m drawn to dark-haired, dark eyed men, but Ryan Jordan is the rare blond who does it for me. He has a sort of quiet vulnerability I find appealing. I’d say he’s a solid performer although not necessarily a dynamic one. But there was a NDS Halloween orgy this past year and he was kind of a firecracker, like really into it, and seemed especially into Jax Thirio (who also tore it up). Ryan’s scene with Aspen where they fucked each other while Aspen played a video game was also, oddly, hot.

  6. Kane Fox is cringy af, but on the flip side, some of these gay “fans” are also clearly projecting their own trauma onto others and it’s ugly. I see people commenting on bi performer’s pages all the time saying misogynist stuff like “how can you be with women, they’re disgusting”. Just the other day someone snapped at Kane for tweeting about sports… You can’t possibly say that’s normal behavior.

    1. I agree that some are over the top, but I think the complete lack of gay presentation in the industry is annoying people. Gay spaces are no longer gay and can even feel hostile to gay men these days. It’s difficult to name an actual gay performer in the industry. Increasingly performers are making money by milking the concept of bi/pansexuality being superior to homosexuality and shedding their gold star so they can be ‘real men’.

      Backlash should be expected when the industry and its performers shows zero respect for gay men and panders to a minority that wants this crap. Sexual diversity is one thing, but when it starts to feel like gay erasure, a lot of gay men understandably get defensive.

        1. A little fun fact: 90% of the performers who claim they’re “gold star gay” are lying through their teeth.

          It’s a marketing thing, which makes their eventual crossing into str8/trans territory a more lucrative affair, so they can play into the conversion therapy fetish later.

  7. Gay porn awards are the saddest shows on this planet. Nobody looks happy and the setting looks cheap as fuck, then again y’all deserve it for being awful performers. Like, at least pretend to have a good time, holy fuck lmao.

    1. I agree. They’re a waste of time and partial money. Plus the winners aren’t even the best choices.

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