Luke Gold & Andrei Breeze

Luke Gold with his 2nd jack off scene at Peep Show.

He is also known as Langly (or Langley) Gold for sites like Military Classified & The Guy Site.

Andrei Breeze is in the latest scene bought from Eastern Europe by Helix Studios.

This is his 2nd name at Helix Studios where he was first known as Audrey Breeze.

He was unnamed in the latest update at Bromo & Czech Hunter.

He is also known as Andrei, Zdenek Bagar, Darrion Kautzer & Bobby Hall.

6 thoughts on “Luke Gold & Andrei Breeze

  1. Luke/Langley is sex on two legs. Just seeing that picture of 6’4″ 210 lbs Langley with his cock erect and flexing his guns makes me fantasize about being face down ass up and getting taken to pound town by the Langley man.

  2. The short buzz cut is working for Andrei/Audrey/Zdenek/whatever he wants to call himself. Unfortunately he can’t seem to maintain his wood so he’s only good to look at.

    1. He’s cute alright, but that’s all. Recently I come across on his bi scenes, and he has no erection problems with women apparently, but as soon as a guy joins the scene, his performance drops.

  3. Someone needs to explain to these guys that when someone is paying you good money to be photographed and videoed you should as a minimum smile and try to appear like you’re happy (at least to be making money) rather than frowning and having a totally distasteful look on your face. A smile and a pleasant positive attitude will further your career just as much as a hard cock.

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