Bart Cuban, Casey, Ridick, Jerri Gomes & Matthew Cooper

Bart Cuban

What’s for Valentine at Men? Felix Fox and Bart Cuban of Belami Online.


Casey with his first scene at Sean Cody this Friday. Not a solo but a foursome with Josh, Nicky & Phillip – the first scene of the Palm Springs Getaway.


Ridick, a bottom at Tim Tales, is on location for his first movie with Lucas Entertainment.

Jerri Gomes

Jerri Gomes filmed his first scene at Tim Tales with Caio Veyron as his top.

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is part of the cast of Game On from Cocky Boys where his scene with Dallas Preston as the top is up next.

8 thoughts on “Bart Cuban, Casey, Ridick, Jerri Gomes & Matthew Cooper

  1. Love seeing the ripped muscular Felix Fox getting his cock hungry booty fed by worthy tops like the handsome hunk Bart Cuban. Great pairing!

  2. Will there be more BelAmi/MEN collabs? I hope the BA guys get some input on direction, photography, etc. Also hope a MEN subscription won’t be required to see them; I avoid that site as much as possible.

  3. Anyone else getting tired of Felix Fox? Heโ€™s not a bad guy like so many and heโ€™s definitely beautiful but maybe a few too many scene releases and too many appearances with Rhyheim Shabazz. I feel like heโ€™s starting to become too familiar and itโ€™s taking away from his allure.

  4. Casey looks very good in his debut–where is he from? He is fucked and fed a mighty load by Josh, who is much bigger than he is.

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