Brodie Sinclair in police custody, accused of rape of an underage girl (tip @ Gary)

Brodie Sinclai started in 2006, left in 2009 and came back in 2011. He left again and came back in 2017 via Men.

It was his return in 2017 that he tweeted that he dated teenagers when he was in his 30s in response to the Roy Moore controversy and nobody did something about it.

Brodie, who is now 40 years old, was arrested last February 7, 2022 for rape charges for allegedly sexually abusing a Frederick County girl.

The last tweet of Brodie the “Pornstar/FBI Intel Analyst. Google Putin ordered the tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011 WordPress IQ 200+ Genius” was dated February 5, 2022 and someone tweeted in his behalf while he is in Johnson County Adult Detention Center.

12 thoughts on “Brodie Sinclair in police custody, accused of rape of an underage girl (tip @ Gary)

  1. Gosh, he is truly insane, isn’t he?

    So, on top of being a deranged conspiracy theorist, an irrational right wing fanatic, a creepy homophobe whose livelihood depends on the very people he hates and an all around despicable human being, now he is a sexual predator who preys on underage girls… What a glorious piece of work! Surely, his parents are extremely proud of the job they’ve done raising him πŸ™„

    I know that many men in (gay) porn are relatively normal, but there appears to be a significant minority who are downright sinister. It’s definitely positive that most of us will never cross the downward spiral they call a path! 😲

    1. I used to see him all the time at the gym where I worked. He seem normal whenever he checked and brought some stuff. I never wanted to make him feel uncomfortable to let him know how much I admire his work back then in 2010. when he was one my very first gay porn scene when I began exploring my sexuality on the internet. Felt strange that I have jerked off to him so many times when I was 18yrs old. Didn’t wanna say anything to him. He came in alone at night to workout. Being normal. At least I thought he was. He hid it behind close doors.

  2. OH, WOW……It seems Brody Sinclair is an ass clown, nut job, rapist asshole……Huh, who knew ?
    Enjoy the asshole stretching you will get in prison you stupid scumbag Trump Zombie.

    1. He’s MAGAt/QANON so this all falls right into his alleyway. Nothing surprising considering all the people that represent people like Sinclair also do the same shit as we all seen the past five-six years

  3. I just read the case in detail and this sick fuck was crazy. He allegedly countless times anal raped this young girl and made her have sex with him in a parking lot of a hotel where he made her dress incognito to go inside the hotel where the anal rapes continued. Then this sick bastard thought he could pay her off with a vape pen and a LV bag. Allegedly he even threatened to kill her mother. He’s also being charged for child porn possession.

    This guy needs to go under the jail. Eww and to think before he went mentally insane years ago, I used to find him hot. Makes my skin crawl. He’s just as bad as that fucking Raphael Cedano freak. What the hell is wrong with this man?!?!

  4. He was disgusting since day one. I honestly don’t know how some of these guys made a name in gay porn…

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