From Alessandro at Sean Cody to Adriano at Corbin Fisher the next day (tip @ geerdo)

Yesterday, Sean Cody introduced Alessandro.

Alessandro is a ballet dancer from Italy with a sexy accent and a toned body like a classical sculpture, and he's ready to put his uncut cock to work. "When I come back, the first thing I would like to try is fuck a guy. I think that would be hot." But first, he's here to show you his solo, and he sensually caresses his body through his t-shirt and shorts, then strips out of them to get his cock hard and stroke it for you. He shows off his lean muscles as he kneels on the floor and thrusts against his hands before lying back on the couch. Alessandro cums on his taut abs and rubs it into his chest.

Today, it was the turn of Corbin Fisher to introduce him as Adriano.

Not via a solo but as the top to Roman (aka Noah of Sean Cody).

Adriano's a dancer, so you know he's got some moves! He's flexible, in amazing shape, and certainly must know how to move his body in remarkable ways so it was a must we get to see him do that in some action with Roman as soon as we get to meet him!

We first met Adriano a few months ago, when he came out to film with us while also getting ready for performances of the Nutcracker that he's a part of around the holidays. I bring up his dancing in the Nutcracker so that I can segue in to making a comment about busting nuts in some blazing hot action with Roman! And mentioning Roman also gives us the opportunity to segue in to mentioning Adriano's Italian!

Of course you won't have any trouble telling Adriano's from Italy when you hear that sexy accent. While there occasionally was a bit of a language barrier to overcome and Adriano was a bit shy and quiet at times, once he and Roman get in to the swing of things the universal language of being riled up and horny and feeling good takes over!

While Adriano was a bit shy and quiet, getting him in to action with Roman right away was clearly the right decision - if anyone's gonna bring someone out of their shell and put them at ease despite any language barriers, it's Roman. The masterful work Roman does when sucking Adriano's cock and the pounding Roman's able to take from Adriano's big dick got Adriano so insanely turned on. Despite this being his first time with a guy, Adriano had Roman writing and moaning, groaning and whimpering, then blasting out a massive load just minutes in to the action. Adriano's dick was hitting all the right spots! Adriano hits them so well, in fact, he's able to keep fucking Roman after he's shot his own load and get Roman to cum a second time! Busting nuts, indeed! When in Roman, do as the… ok well let's just leave it at this being a blazing hot episode!


  1. Pavel Ford

    Adriano must be Spanish for extremely ordinary…

  2. andrew

    Adriano used his beautiful thick cock to turn sexy Roman into a happy moaning bottom guy.

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