If you miss Kellan of Corbin Fisher

He was first known as Cody Blackford in 2009 before he became Kellan of Corbin Fisher in 2011.

He was spotted on TV in 2014 singing a John Mayer song.

He now has 50+ scenes listed on the site as the top and/or bottom.

He did take a pause working for Corbin Fisher and came back in 2018 via his scene with Lane.

He is now out of Corbin Fisher and joined Twitter last September 2020 for his adult content.

10 thoughts on “If you miss Kellan of Corbin Fisher

  1. The long hair does not distract from his attractiveness, at least he is not covered in ink! He should come back to work for another studio!

  2. I know it’s in the eye of the beholder, but to me long hair rarely looks good on a man. I think this is especially true for guys above 30.

  3. He was alright but I never understood the rabid fan base. In some of his scenes he was a little too jiggly.

    I think if he got in great shape and got a haircut he absolutely could make a comeback in gay porn, perhaps not Corbin Fisher, although I wouldn’t be surprised. Since he’s been fucked 6 ways to Sunday dozens of times, only those rabid fans are gonna be excited to watch his first time taking a vibrator in his ass. LOL

      1. I rewatched your Kellan & Grant scene as it had been too long for me to remember. It’s not among my favorite Kellan scenes. Grant is an unsatisfying combination of being really hot in appearance (super cute, a little hair in the right places and big cock) and probably good enough a performer but yet something is kinda lacking and I think it’s personality. He’s a bit bland. I kinda don’t like it when a “straight” guy on Corbin Fisher who seemingly so easily moves into gay sex and seemingly does a surprisingly good job of it so quickly, doesn’t really have an explanation for the significant “jump”. Yes, I’m sure some straight guys might find it easy to have sex with guys but I think most of them are gonna appear obviously new to it and learning. LOL

  4. Kellan was treated badly by CF, and the site is lesser for his absence. Glad he’s back and still beautiful.

  5. I call it the Sean Cody’s Dean syndrome. They disappear for a few years and then come back UGLY, with awful hair and untrimmed facial hair.

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