Jamie & Papa Kream are back with the site owner

Jamie first got 2 hand jobs from the owner of Club Amateur USA in 2017 [gallery 01, gallery 02, gallery 03 & gallery 04].

With more tattoos on his upper arm, he is back with his 3rd hand job with the owner of Club Amateur USA [gallery] on the same room that hasn’t changed for years.

Papa Kream first had oral and anal scenes with the owner of Beefcake Hunter from 2016 to 2017.

With more tattoos on his arm, he is back at Beefcake Hunter with another oral scene with the owner of the site.

7 thoughts on “Jamie & Papa Kream are back with the site owner

  1. Scary…. Depressing….and really just pathetic. I have never seen so many Beat Down, Scuzzy looking vagrants since my last trip across the railroad tracks to the unemployment offices in the bad part of town . WOW, the state of gay porn is no longer hanging by a thread. It has died. It is Over………..

    1. Reminds me of old geminimen clips and the sad array of desperate men willing to do anything so they could get a hit

      1. Link was hot though…wish he would come back and make more videos…he takes it so well…and seems to enjoy it very much…

  2. No, no, no, no, no!!!!!! Absolutely gross and soo ugly papa kream!! What happen to him????? Eewww that man bum homeless disgusting long hair is absolutely not for him. How the hell could his girlfriend or even his friends let him grow his man bum and stay silent about?!! Ew ew ew. He was my favorite and now the ugliest one. I hate long hair hippy man bum weed selling look. He looks homeless. Eewww. Papa kream if you’re reading this. For the love of God, get rid of that disgusting man bum and go back to your fresh clean cut hairstyle. Such a turn off. Eww. I don’t even comment on here. My first time doing this. That’s how it is. Ew ew. Shame on your beefcake owner for allowing him like that.

  3. That guy thats giving head on Beef Cake Hunter is the ugliest, nastiest looking creature I have ever seen. I couldn’t even get my dick up for that nasty thang. They must be broke as fuck.

    1. But hey! He is following his dreams. To service hot (and some beyond nasty) men. My issue is the thong he wears in those shoots though…

      Papa Kream definitely didn’t age well…he was like the perfect sexy dumb jock…now …no thanks….
      Almost reminds me of Gauge Xanders…. used to be so adorable….and enjoys bottoming as a straight man… now with big belly …

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