13 thoughts on “Alexy Tyler (or Taylor) in 2007, 2011, 2017 & 2022

  1. He ” almost ” had too much ink years ago. But, he was fun to watch fuck, pretty good performer, hard cock. Now, he has gone over the edge. Another fine body just defaced with graffiti.

  2. Oh and news flash that wasn’t mentioned.. although he swears up and down he’s gay, he has recently been fucking females and eating pussy. Been hanging around the shirt clad Ryan Bones and viola.. he’s diving head and dick first into some girl. Another one in this strange group of “I’m gay but love to fuck females” group.

    1. Oh no, the sex worker may not prefer me in my down time AND they put vagoo on their onlyfans and they don’t follow my rigid standards!! I never watch this bozo anyhow or pay for his scenes, but how am I ever going to let this go? Let me put him on the… list! QQ

    2. Yep that’s right. I mentioned about him calling himself gay and yet sleeping with females. We all know that being gay is a choice. It’s not a natural sexuality… You know how it goes when you’re a sex worker, you’ll fuck anything.. for any price. Homosexuality naysayers rejoice.

      1. Whenever a man who identifies as “gay” has sex with women, they send out the message that all gay men just haven’t met the right woman yet. It’s insulting and it’s damaging.

  3. He was a fixture for a while on Men of Montreal where he enjoyed getting fucked and eating cum.

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