Back on Twitter for Aspen (Solomon) & Dario Alexander

Aspen started in 2011 at Chaos Men and before Covid-19 was a pandemic, he was extradited to Georgia due to a “false allegation from a jealous woman“. His latest scenes were from Sketchy Sex & Chaos Men. And, he is back on Twitter since February to promote his fan site.

Dario Alexander had scenes as the top at Guys In Sweatpants from 2019 to 2020 and he is back on Twitter this month to promote his fan site.

9 thoughts on “Back on Twitter for Aspen (Solomon) & Dario Alexander

  1. aspen kept getting his account disabled and dario quit gay porn. I’ve been telling yall bi guys/g4p guys infest gay porn. Aspen is weird to me cus everytime he breaks up with one of his gf he gets into legal trouble, he probably had an ankle monitor cus he was on tiktok chanting homophobic slurs and playing video games always at home and never outside but also didnt film any scene in this time span.

  2. I know that Aspen gets a lot of hate and has had some run-ins with the law. But for more than 10 years he’s been one of the sexiest, hairy-chested muscle hunks out there, consistently delivering and receiving the goods! In that Feb. 24 photo he looks better than ever.

    1. Something about the way he enjoys getting fucked always makes me enjoy watching him bottom. And that time he was “hypnotized” by (then) Lance Hart is one of my faves.

  3. That first picture of Aspen smiling, clean shaved, no chest hair, showing off his guns, pits, cock and ripped body is my favorite Aspen look. It stimulates this bottoms appetite.

  4. Never believed that stuff about Aspen. The fact that he’s back in L A and on Social Media I think backs me up.

  5. I’m not on Twitter (and maybe I”m wrong, but it looks like there’s been a recent change where you can’t view “adult” tweets unless you’re on the platform, which there’s no one’s tweets that would compel me to be on Twitter, but that’s just me), so now more than ever, I don’t pay much attention to pornstars’ social media. Unless someone’s private life (re: criminality) rises to the level of August Alexander or Sebastian Young, I just don’t have the bandwidth to pay attention to it.

    The first thing I remember seeing Aspen in was a coach/locker room scene with Andrew Justice (who I always liked; that smile, that dick)!. I thought Aspen was a smokeshow, a physical type I like, but he looked like he’d rather be digging ditches than getting fucked.

    And he looked like that in pretty much every scene I saw him in, as if he was going out of his way to telegraph “I AM NOT INTO THIS!”

    I don’t when it happened, but at some point the last couple of years, it’s like his prostate and brain connected and sent the message, “Getting fucked feels incredible!” because now, especially in amateur stuff, he is a dick pig, and f there’s a cock, he wants to ride it for all he’s worth.

    I’ve loved the transition. His body looks great; he looks mischievous, something about his eyes/eyebrows (a bit of a Jack Nicholson thing?). If it turns out he physically hurt someone or otherwise tried to harm someone (i.e., Jarek), I wouldn’t want to watch him. It’s entirely likely I’m ill-informed about him, but as of this moment, I like watching him get fucked.

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