Collin Simpson, Damien Stone, Caleb Mills, Kane Hardy, Damien White & Pax Perry

Lingerie for Collin Simpson, Kane Hardy swallowed a drop of his own cum & Damien White sucked another cock.

Collin Simpson & Damien Stone in scene 4 of Sweet Meat of Naked SwordDressed head to toe in black lingerie, muscle men Damien Stone and Collin Simpson are aching to worship some muscles, drill some jock ass, and cum all over each other’s god-like bodies.

Caleb Mills & Kane Hardy at Gay HooplaTwo muscle bros indeed! Kane Hardy & Caleb Mills could sit and talk about the gym all damn day! These two love to work out and show off their physiques. What else do they like to show off? This hot FUCK of course. Hold on tight… Caleb shows Kane he has a wild side, too.

Damien White and Pax Perry at Peep ShowWith Damien in town to do Fan scenes, we managed to get a a video of the two fucking.

18 thoughts on “Collin Simpson, Damien Stone, Caleb Mills, Kane Hardy, Damien White & Pax Perry

  1. Nothing turns me off more than men in women’s lingerie. It’s laughable, preposterous, emasculating, disgusting, absurd, and ridiculous. It’s like topping off an ice cream sundae with ketchup. Gross.

  2. See that Colin Simpson’s baby mama is also a porn actor so perhaps this is just a family tradition like the other Colin Hart and his wife.

      1. Ah yes, what a horrid way to raise a child – in a sexually open and understanding household. God forbid the child have an awareness and non-stigma based introduction to sexuality.

        For a commenter on a porn blog, this is a really degrading view of sex workers. You can enjoy their work, but god forbid they live normal lives outside of their fucking on the internet for your entertainment.

        1. A “sexually open and understanding household”? Where?!

          Mr. Collin Simpson hasn’t even learnt to cope with his own sexuality yet and has a very long track record of saying homophobic bullshit for years.

          Take your head off your ass and see the reality for what it is.

        2. Are you surprised though? Read the rest of the comments on this video, it seems that, one way or another, most are pretty damn problematic anyway!

          Considering the percentage of Earth’s population who consume porn, the number of people who judge/shame anyone in the industry that creates it is ridiculous! (especially those in front of the camera… and let’s not even get into how that’s even worse for bottoms/subs… and women!).

          I would say though: being a sex worker doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy attitude about sex that should be passed to the next generation BUT, equally, it doesn’t necessarily mean an unhealthy one!

          Even with the homophobia (which, btw, is not proof that he is gay!) he could be open and honest about sex, sex ed etc.. as long as his kids aren’t homos of course! I’m not condoning anything he might have said btw, just pointing out that is complicated (i.e. it’s not black and white.. he’s a shade of grey, just like all of us!)

  3. Big muscular manly looking guys like Collin and Damien dressed in girlie lingerie looks ridiculous to me.

  4. I love to see muscular men in lingerie, and Collin Simpson looks hot. Some people prefer leather, I happen to prefer lace.

  5. It’s a highly contested title, but Collin Simpsons wins most sad, tragic and utterly pathetic “man” in porn.

    “I’ve moved on, left porn in the past, I’m straight, I hate gays, leave me alone, I’ve got a family, I’ve got kids…and now I’m being bare-backed in cheap lace knickers and a peephole bra.”

    1. He obviously shunned you, just like all the other porn stars you desperately and repeatedly bash…

  6. Call me old fashioned but i hate men in Lingerie and all these feminine underwear & thongs that seem to be in vogue just now . Bring back classic Calvins & jocks … Just saying

  7. Hello-

    as has already been stated men that are beefy and muscled in lingerie is the definition of “what the f…..”.
    the reason i don’t like it is simple- it promotes the thought that gay men by their very nature are somehow

    1. No it doesn’t. Please explore how you can get over your internalised homophobia.

      It “promotes the thought” that gay men by their very nature have no “very nature” and should be comfortable wherever they are on the masculine/feminine scale AND whatever whatever does it for them sexually including gender expression (e.g. fem men, masc women.. basically whatever the fuck they like!)

  8. Gay porn is dying and it’s just about ready to be laid to rest. No quality in scenes, shitty directors and plots, racist/homophobic/troubling models. Solo webcam models give me a better thrill than this shit.

  9. Oh my fucking god, the comments.. we have the audacity to expect tolerance from heterosexuals when we’re so intolerant of each other? (E.g. fem shaming, toxic masculinity etc)

    Tbh, lingerie on men doesn’t do it for me sexually… but who the fuck cares? Not every single piece of x-rated content can be for every single person. Don’t like it? Then it’s not for you. You could just celebrate the diversity (and the progress the world/industry has made so gay porn is no longer limited to just “jock r@p£s _____”) and then move on!

    “Gay porn is dying/dead”!? “What happened to good old jock straps etc”!? “Why are’t men masc anymore”!? Can’t you hear how ridiculous this is? You have online access to millions of cocks/holes, why so offended by this 1% not appealing to you? Fragile masculinity?

    (Obvs whatever homophobic comments certain porn stars may have made is an entirely separate issue. Although, while this does make them a dickhead, it doesn’t (necessarily) reflect on their sexuality. Perhaps we should move on from the “all hateful homophobes must be gay!” mentality? And their complicated sexual history with men, including sex work, is irrelevant!

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