Diego Sans, Enrique Vera & Marcel Gassion

Diego Sans, still as the top, with his 3rd bareback (for a studio) scene from Naked Sword (with Beau Butler & Blaze Austin) to Cocky Boys (with Matthew Cooper).

A condom scene at Belami Online for Enrique Vera & Marcel Gassion “Adam Archuleta is our director here today, and part of the director’s job is to ensure that all the models have current STD tests when they turn up on set… Sadly this time Adam forgot to do this, and rather than reschedule the shoot, he filmed it with condoms instead.

When was this filmed? Enrique’s hair and body type looks similar to his scenes as Andrej Lamos at William Higgins in 2015. And, Enrique had a photo shoot released in 2019 by Belami Online that showed he got bigger.

Speaking of condom scenes at Belami Online, it was in 2014 that they mentioned that their archive of condom scenes was nearing its end. They did have a policy to shoot condom scenes with US based porn stars like what happened in 2018 but that policy was scrapped in 2020.


  1. Reg

    Diego will never bottom again. For exciting and versatile, then to bizarre and unsexy positions to try and disguise that he never bottoms, to just plain dull and repetitive topping scenes. He really was a star in his Randy Blue days, but now…

    • Fathom

      Agree. He has a hot body, but as a top only, he bores the snot out of me and I don’t bother watching him.

      • HJ

        According to iafd.com, Diego Sans–who’s been in porn since 2010–hasn’t bottomed since 2014!

  2. Trevor St Pierre Vanderbilt

    Diego Sans is a strange creature and I can’t understand why he refuses to be a bottom, he was in the past and obviously enjoyed it.

    • Reg

      The hearsay is that he’s dating a guy who works at MEN/BROMO who refuses to let him bottom on camera and Diego has apparently said that he doesn’t enjoy bottoming. That doesn’t sound like the truth, because of course you’ve got the gay4payers who are very vocal about not enjoying bottoming, but still do it. I’d say it’s the jealous boyfriend.

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