Stu, Josh, Devy, JC, Brandon Anderson & Dalton Riley

A sweaty half naked Stu at the gym and Josh jacked off to Devy and JC while watching the two have sex in the shower for Sean Cody

As Devy works out at the gym, he can't stop sneaking peeks at the muscular personal trainer nearby putting JC through his paces. Devy follows the hunk to the locker room and even sniffs his jock strap while he's in the shower. As his crush leaves, Devy stands under the spray and strokes himself, daydreaming about that muscular chest and thick arms. He tries to act natural when JC joins him in the shower, but JC starts flirting, and soon he's sucking JC before fucking him against the wall. The guys don't even notice when another gymgoer walks in as JC sucks Devy's cock, and Josh hides and jacks his dick while he watches the guys flip fuck! JC fucks Devy missionary, then hops back onto his dick to ride him. After the raven-haired cutie cums, he licks it up before taking Devy's load on his face.

An old version of the robot (Dalton Riley) had a flip fuck with the newest version of the robot (Brandon Anderson) due to their soulurar connection where the newest version malfunctioned in the end with a black goo oozing out of his mouth for Disruptive Films [gallery]

A married couple is desperate to grow their family and they figure the best way to do so is through the creation of A.I. robots. Their first robot TIM (Dalton Riley) was a bad apple but the newest version, TOM (Brandon Anderson), is everything the couple dreamed of when they began their journey. They are thrilled with their strapping, polite man. As TOM proves to be the perfect specimen, the shadow of TIM --and The Robots soulular connection--cannot be escaped.


  1. Reg

    So, Stu returns, just to stand there and not even in the same shot as the sex :-/

  2. Steve Smith


  3. andrew

    Stu you’re as beautiful as ever, but get rid of that nasty beard. Don’t hide that handsome face.

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