Brock Kniles, Kevin Daley & Jeremiah (SC)

Brock Kniles, who was first known as Mason at Chaos Men & Austin Andrews in str8 porn in 2011, came back in 2019 with one scene [gallery] at Next Door Studios. He is the latest update [gallery] at Active Duty with Damien White as his top.

Kevin Daley first had scenes at Helix Studios released from 2017 to 2019. Kevin is the latest guy introduced at Sean Cody and his scene as the top to Angelo is up next on the site. [tip from this post]

Jeremiah only had a solo released by Sean Cody in 2015. He joined Twitter in 2017 and he hasn’t been active since 2019. He just made his presence felt this month. Reason? He made a comeback at Sean Cody and that scene will be released soon.

7 thoughts on “Brock Kniles, Kevin Daley & Jeremiah (SC)

  1. Too bad about Brock obviously being totally str8–his said he had a gf when he did his scenes at Chaos as Mason and she was also a sex worker. Kevin will be fun to watch and Jeremiah looks serious,

  2. I looked around and I’m not seeing Jeremiah/Eddy back at Sean Cody. Am I missing something?

    1. Added to the post that the scene will be released soon.

      I saw a photo of him in my Twitter timeline (forgot to save it, as always) where the background was the set of Sean Cody.

  3. Funny enough… I see Donte in the pic with Brock and it made me think about his rant about disliking gay sex and hating gay porn and yet I saw he was on Chaturbate a few days ago.

    Under his bio/profile and his room tag it said that he was interested in women, trans, couples and MEN! He said he was always uploading M/M content and media to his fan site pages etc…. I’m like dude, didn’t you just go on a big ass homophobic rant a few weeks ago about gays and now you’re shaking that ass and popping that dick for tips from men?!? Excuse me sis but……

    1. In Donte’s defense, their interests on Chaturbate always consist of pretty much everybody. They know who their target audience is. I’ve gone in chaturbate with a guy with similar interests but whenever a guy would try to go private with him he would make it known that he was only interested in women.

      Isn’t Donte the guy that does a lot bi porn? Can’t say I am familiar with him.

      As for Jeremiah. I wonder what made him come back to Sean Cody and is he the one alleging making his bottoming debut. He does like stuff up his butt according his Onlyfans.

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