Jesse Davis, Dean Monroe, Lucas (CF), Luca Rosso, Liam Russo, Hugo Milano & Landon (SC) (Mar. 2010)

Jesse Davis of Randy Blue (2008) was back with a solo at College Dudes.

Dean Monroe, who had scenes released till 2019, was back after 2 years “Its been more than 2 years since I’ve taken my clothes of for the camera. All I can say is it felt real good when I finally decided to strip for my friends at UK Naked Men.

It was announced by Corbin Fisher that Lucas has retired “On a separate note, this is the last video we’ve shot of Lucas in quite some time! He’s been quite busy with a new, successful and promising, non-porn career.

Corbin Fisher released the DVD of Lucas & Dawson Down Under that had a bareback warning “Individuals considering purchasing this title should be aware all action scenes were filmed without the use of condoms, and be comfortable viewing such material before buying.

By 2015, he was on the news as the contractor who failed to finish jobs despite getting paid.

The twins, Frat Men Jesse & Joshua, were introduced by Corbin Fisher with Jesse as Luca aka Luca Rosso, who was arrested in 2013 and returned in 2015. Joshua, on the other hand, was Liam aka Liam Rosso.


Hugo Milano was fucked for the first time at Cocky Boys with Robert Axel as his top (scene was removed?).

The first (?) fuck scene with a black guy at Sean Cody was the pair-up of Landon and Dennis.

10 thoughts on “Jesse Davis, Dean Monroe, Lucas (CF), Luca Rosso, Liam Russo, Hugo Milano & Landon (SC) (Mar. 2010)

  1. About 15 years ago, when I started watching gay porn, I saw the awesome Dawson and the smoldering hot Lucas in several scenes together and I was in love with both of them. I hope life has been treating them well.

  2. It looks like Lucas is in the tree trimming business now. Following the article from Fox, one can easily find his Facebook page with a post from this past week.

  3. I still dont know why they kept saying the rosso twins had one straight one gay when they are both bisexual one is more 50/50 and the other other leans more straight so i still can’t comprehend why they try to push that shlt again

  4. Hello-

    if as of today 3/24/22 Lucas is still on the lam how could he possibly be on the lam so long and not
    get caught???

    1. Hmm…new identify (although with his porn past, so many porn stars do get recognized), he got out of the country, someone’s helping him to hide. He might have shacked-up with a sugar daddy, be living on a trailer park with a dozen kids…I can’t actually remember what he was charged with/sentenced too, but either he’s really good at disappearing, or maybe he’s dead. In 2022 though, it’s seriously difficult to just disappear, even if you go off the grid.

  5. Hugo Milano was roomates with Jimmy Clay both went to same HS when they started out in porn. Jimmy went on to be quite the star and wound up in jail. Hugo quit after a few films and put on a lot of weight.

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