Malik Delgaty, Dakota Lovell & Henrique Alagoano

First bisexual scene of Malik Delgaty in Bussy Swap at Why Not Bi, updates now part of Men.

Roommates Laura Fox and Aiden Jacobs really need a nice big cock to relax after their move, and when hunky cable guy Malik Delgaty rings the doorbell, they argue over who's going to get him! Laura stakes her claim, but Aiden sneakily hijacks that dick, hiding under a blanket to swap his bussy for her pussy! Malik falls for the bait, and Laura catches him ramming her roomie's ass. She grabs Malik by the cock and takes him back to suck him and ride his dick. After Aiden steals him back to get his mouth and his hole fucked, Laura decides watching the guys banging is kind of hot and plays with her pussy as she enjoys the show. Laura and Aiden take turns riding Malik's cock till Aiden cums, then they share the hunk's load.

First anointing of Dakota Lovell in Vicarious Lovell at Missionary Boys of Say Uncle where Dakota supposedly bred Marco Napoli.

Now that Dakota Lovell has been anointed, he too must carry out the act of anointing others. His first subject will be his leader, Marco Napoli, who explains Dakota must bless him in place of those who have passed.

First big dick of Henrique Alagoano at Tim Tales was the 11″ uncut cock of Caio Veyron.

Caio, te amo. The only three Portuguese words you'll ever need to know. Timtales Exclusive Caio Veyron is as glorious as ever. Today, he breeds the lucky raw hole of bottom man Henrique Alagoano. Under the burning sun of Rio de Janeiro, Caio's humongous massive cock does what it does best. Sweet hole destruction that is! Watch Henrique's eager hole taking all that dick to himself. His hungriest dreams are finally coming true. Enjoy ;)

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4 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty, Dakota Lovell & Henrique Alagoano

    1. OK I was being too harsh. Maybe you 15 guys LOL are right and Malik’s not very limited in his performances.

  1. The only thing that Malik Delgaty is known for and has a good quality of is making you fall asleep in a boredom induced coma.

  2. Malik is boring at this point. He has reached his peak. How many years have he been in porn? Less than 2 and it already feels like 10 years before they use him over and over again. He is the new William Seed but nowhere as good. I know people have their issues with William but at least William got some versatility to him.

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