Martavis Ray, Marcus Rivers, Tyler James, Seth Peterson, Daniel Montoya, Damien White, Jack Mackenroth …

8 thoughts on “Martavis Ray, Marcus Rivers, Tyler James, Seth Peterson, Daniel Montoya, Damien White, Jack Mackenroth …

  1. Martavis Ray is normalizing drive abuse. He needs to get help and stay off of social media looking for a pity party. These people are just downright insufferable. Is anything a private matter anymore?

    1. You are so right. And NO, there is not.
      Its the same with “real” movie stars and sports stars and hell, even everyday people.
      This need to share EVERYTHING and beg for $ and beg for attention… It is sickening.

  2. There’s just so much sadness here. So much dysfunction and misplaced vanity. It almost makes me pine for gay porn ten years ago, when the majority of guys were mercenary G4P performers with transactional views of their (brief) porn careers. There’s a difference between a porn lifestyle and a pornographic “life.” What are we, as consumers, doing to these young men?

  3. WTF!! It looks like twitter has a new policy where you cannot view any adult content unless you have a twitter account and are logged in. No more free pictures and mini-videos.

  4. Tyler James – I don’t know which is worse, the ink, the pants, or that fucking wallpaper!
    Ryan Jordan – I like this guys work. Wish him well. But he always looks like he is very depressed.
    Cazden Hunter – If this guy gave 1/2 as much time thinking of a real career vs the time he wastes planning his very contrived posing… maybe he would not be stuck in a shit bar stripping in front of 5 people WELL PAST his expiration date for that.
    Malek Tobias – I guess the rich oil suger daddy backed out and now you have to stand on your own. Oh, that’s right, its time for the porn star handbook page 3. Grift and beg and panhandle..

    1. Every week you come on here and post about how pathetic and worthless porn stars are. If they’re such trash devoid of any merits and inferior to you on every level, why come back here week in and week out and post your vile comments? Move on.

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