Michael Boston, Benjamin Blue & Cliff Jensen

In a span of 5 days, Michael Boston had a scene as the top to Matthew Figata at Disruptive Films [gallery] followed by his scene as the bottom to Joel Someone at Say Uncle (via Missionary Boys) and now in a flip fuck with Felix Fox at Men.

Benjamin Blue with his 3rd scene as the bottom to Bo Sinn at Bromo and his 2nd scene with Edward Terrant at Cocky Boys.

Benjamin & Edward were also paired at Men & Say Uncle.

Cliff Jensen was in the slammer in reel (2011 at Men) & real (2015) life. He is now the latest security officer at Say Uncle with Jeremy Spreadums (aka Jessie of SC) as his 2nd Young Perp.

Cliff first became a security officer in his 2019 scene at Trans Angels.

18 thoughts on “Michael Boston, Benjamin Blue & Cliff Jensen

  1. Can someone explain the Bo Sinn thing to me? I sincerely don’t get it. Even if you don’t mind (or are into) tatts, he still isn’t very attractive. Even if you are going for that “trash” or “chav” look – it isn’t him. He seems to be in at least one film every month (mostly Bromo), and I seriously don’t get it.

    I mean, if people are into the Delgaty’s (who I don’t really do anything for me) I still get it on some level. Most of the Helix guys are way too young looking and thin for me, but again – I get it as to why others would find them attractive. Bo Sinn? Seriously – help me out here.

    1. It’s the circus freak idea at play. He gets a lot of publicity and online buzz (your comment included). And Mindgeek, which owns bromo, men.com, and pornhub, has a duel business model which many people overlook. If he doesn’t drive subscriptions, I’m guessing his scenes get a lot of views on the Mindgeek tube sites. People click through because it’s human nature to be fascinated by freaks, and when they do, Mindgeek makes money. It doesn’t matter that people find him unattractive. The only thing that matters is that they watch him. And they do.

    2. This isn’t my understanding but I think I know why…
      Without any over analyzing…
      Two reasons…

      He’s carrying a big ass dick between his legs. Most gays are size queens. Crazy thing is that it’s got tats too.
      Some gays still have this thing in the culture that it’s somehow fun and hot to fuck a str8 guy or convert one. Just as sad as this whole new gays fuck a pussy thing.

      It’s sad but it’s still relative. Plus he’s part of the whole MG owning every damn porn studio possible. That’s why we keep having to see the same ole boring guys in the same ole boring scenes with played out gimmicks and plots.

    3. It’s called being judgemental. There, I’ve helped you figure out the issue here.

      1. So you’re clear, that’s what sexual preferences are. Having an attraction toward one versus another. Call it judgmental if you want. But that still doesn’t explain the commercial popularity of someone that appears to be a mentally unstable drug addict who has doodled all over his body and looks like he was dragged behind a horse.

    4. For me it’s his height, frame and muscles. He has a bad boy swag, sexy tattoos and I find him handsome. I like all types of men and Bo Sinn and his ilk turn me on. Hope that helps.

    5. Bo Sinn has a huge cock and he is a handsome man. Not everyone likes the typical white porn star that is clean cut. Bo Sinn is a masculine man with a fit body. He isn’t effeminate like Drew Dixon or Felix Fox. Some gay men like masculine men. Also Bo now bottoms on camera so that’s a plus and sucks cock. It is obvious Bo Sinn has sex with other men off camera.

  2. After seeing him having vaginal sex and loving every moment of the encounter, I just don’t find Michael Boston sexy anymore. He’s a turn off. Then when he was confronted about the matter after really trying to keep it undercover… he handled it terribly and tried to have his twin bro help with the PR disaster. It just wasn’t a good look.

    Joel who???

    Jeremy Spreadums is so cute. Wondered where he was in recent times. He’s a great bottom.

    1. its so tiring that gay men are a minority in gay porn, its crazy, boston is the same as austin avery, colton reece and others who purposefully hide their straight scenes and if you call them out block you and start playing the victim and push their weird fans to bully the gay men complaining. Gay men never get to have a space for us and us exclusively. We dont want ftm/straight/bi porn. if a straight guy did a scene with an mtf performer his career would be put in jeopardy and straight performers dont ask of their audience to enjoy or even tolerate their non straight work so why do non gay men who work in gay porn not only ask that of us but also help perpetuate homophobic and conversion therapy rethoric to pander to non gay male audiences. They’re all sell outs and homophobic bi men

    2. Could you elaborate a little bit more about his response?

      I simply chose to ignore him after the shitshow, so I’m a little behind on the whole drama.

      1. One of the troubling things Boston stated was that he didn’t know how it was less gay for having sex with a vagina. That was one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

        Then his brother chimed in earlier and said that he has a problem with str8 men in the gay industry and gay spaces and yet… he has no problem with what his brother did?!?

        Of course there was deletion of the original post from Boston and the blocking to some of the ones who brought things up.

        Meanwhile in his trying to fight the exposure and criticism, he has Nick Fitt come in to his defense which doesn’t help because he was scrutinized for his whole throuple, vaginal but I’m gay stance. Funny enough the one person who didn’t help him in the matter was his scene partner Noahwaybabes. Noah kept that damn mouth closed and tightly zipped. Except to open it to suck another I’m gay but really not performer Austin Avery.

        I just don’t get why the first response from any of these fake gay or bisexual guys who fuck trans performers or women and the trans partners and women themselves always seem to boil down to is… you’re a “phobic” or even worse “f*gg0t”. Now remember they’re crying for unity and acceptance and yet they use segregating hateful speech to throw insult to us gay men because we state our preferences. It’s ridiculous.

        So after Mr. Boston and his twin bro went down those paths.. I was done. They can post all the bubble butt posts they want but their attractiveness to me went way down to zero.

        1. This was more hilarious than I thought it would be, holy shit!

          Is Michael Boston so dense to the point not knowing how babies are made, or is he just playing dumb? lol

          Also, why would Noah help him? She already got what she wanted, her autoandrophile conversion therapy fantasies were fulfilled, so Michael Boston was just a prop to her to live a fetish, now to the bin he goes.

          Let’s see how much Mr. Boston can damage control until he goes full crazy.

    3. Same here, when I see any performer from gay porn doing anything but gay, he immediately loses my interest and support. It’s like with footballer I was a fan of suddenly playing for another team.

  3. Cliff Jensen is a stud. He’s a 6’3″ 200+ lbs 8″+ thick cock top guy who loves to fuck. He seems to be equally happy and turned on fucking guys or girls. He’s not just a one trick pony. When with guys he kisses them, sucks their cocks, rims them and gives them a hot fuck. His powerful build, broad shoulders, deep voice, big cock and his love for fucking has always turned me on.

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