On being transsexual & transphobic

Lance Hart is now Lucy Hart or Mama Hart.

Sharok with his experience with women and identifying as gay.

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  1. Yikes. Everything these people post (regardless of pronouns and identity) is just full of narcissistic, attention-seeking and very likely mentally unstable vibes. And I’d like to blame social media for that but these people are old enough to have grown up in a world before all this craze started so, just yikes.

  2. Can we just be clear that the only purpose of this post is to get clicks from the miserable cunts who infest the comment section of this blog with regular transphobia (along with their other psychoses).

    Congratulations to Lucy Hart. If she feels better in her own skin now then that’s a win. Sharok is correct, no one has a right to question how he identifies.

      1. First of all, I’m not a girl. Fuck off with that shit. Secondly, I’ll continue to call out the toxic assholes who come to this site and spew their prejudices all over the place. Not going to be shushed by some anonymous commenter.

          1. Ah, never noticed you before. Clearly your comments must be too dull to make you memorable. This one nicely demonstrates that you belong in the cunt group. You need a better gimmick though. If calling people “girl” like you’re a put upon woman wagging a finger at someone on the Jerry Springer Show is the best you’ve got then I’ll have forgotten you again in a few minutes.

            1. You replied to him twice, so it’s pretty safe to assume you’re not going to forget him anytime soon.

              Quit the stuck up and superior act, you’re not fooling anyone.

              1. What? Mate, you make no sense. Talk to me when you can converse without being a cunt, suggesting I’m female, paraphrasing 14 year old movies, and gibbering pish.

                1. You literally sound like those activists that try so hard to sound smart who then turn out to be pedos, this is the level y’all need to be dealt with

                  1. Took the words right out of my mouth, Alex. Phil is a lunatic and uses multiple names on this site.

    1. I mean this site is named ‘MEN of porn’. Isn’t it by definition, misgendering a trans woman by featuring her?

      1. I agree with this largely. If she’s identifying and living as a woman now this isn’t really the site to be featuring her.

  3. leave lucy hart alone.
    The sharok is full of shit.He said in the tweet he is sexually attracted to women and transgenders,says he is queer not gay.Who the fuck does these bisexual and pansexual guys think they are to use a gay label when it is convinent to them and throw it away when it is no longer useful them.Thank them for being the living breathing example of people choose to be gay.

  4. Of you pay attention, it’s possible to hear the faint sound of the world smallest violin playing while reading Sharon’s tweets.

    That’s quite precious.

  5. I don’t understand why Lance Hart wants to become a woman but it is his choice. We need to be respectful to Lucy or her journey. Sharok is absolutely correct no one has the right to tell an adult how to live their lives. Sharok likes women that’s his choice and business. He is a sex worker and people need to understand porn is just a job. It isn’t a regular job but it is a job. I think people put their fantasies on to porn models. We don’t know them we only see the image they are selling. And I understand some get upset when a porn model doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

    1. You’ve said the most offensive shit on this blog regarding trans and black people, now you come up with this pc shit. Gtfo

      1. Andy’s beating off to trans vagina now, so he’s changing his tune. His penis calls the shots, not his brain.

  6. I think the headline for this post is wrong.Lance Hart is now transgender not transsexual. He still has a penis and most trans women keep their penis. I think transsexual means removing the penis. Lucy is taking the female hormones.


    I think Sharok let his guard down and starting talking about his true sexuality and his sexual desires for men and women and then thought about who his clientele and fan base are… which is gay men. He probably thought about those coins going down the drain when people realized that he was in a nut shell saying that he’s got tendencies of being pan/bi. Then he tried to clean up shop and claim that he’s gay (homosexual). I believe that Sharok does prefer men more but he wouldn’t say no to other sexual experiences with females.

    Sharok needs to understand that he’s a porn star and despite sex work not being a bad thing, he’s going to be judged for his sexual nature. People are going to label him as promiscuous. It’s unfortunate, sad but true. Yet…

    Cool it’s fine that if he’s attracted to women..hints why he said he enjoyed kissing a girl and has had sex with women before. Clearly him saying he’s still gay (homosexual) though is going to cause criticism, questions and could be to some, suspect.

    As a gay male, I have no problem with bisexual men and women. Bisexuality does exist but I do have a problem with ones who engage in bisexual encounters and still screaming that their homosexuals. That’s just my feelings and opinions. We already have this stigma that homosexuality is just a phase and it can be flipped and switched. Those individuals just give those naysayers the “proof” they need and want. I don’t believe he’s gay but that’s just my opinion.

    On that note, he’s also going to have to learn how to handle the backlash. Your key audience and fans are men who are gay (homosexuals). They gain an attraction towards you because they see you butt ass naked having explicit sex with other men. They gain an euphoric ideal of you. So when they hear or see you talk about sex with anything other than men and at the same time while you’re claiming to be gay (homosexual), they’re going to flip their lid. That’s to be expected.

    It’s all a mess. His reactions and mockery has made things even worse. making his social media private is probably the best thing. He gets to go on and do whatever he likes to do and the ones who disagree with him don’t have to deal with him and can go on to some other performers who they do support and enjoy.

    1. Sexuality isn’t Black or White you are using the text book definition of sexuality. I understand what Sharok is saying he is more attracted to men than women. He doesn’t deny his sexual attraction to women. BUT he probably doesn’t want a romantic connection to women. That’s my opinion. I think he sees himself still as gay because he probably wants a romantic connection to another man. He doesn’t consider himself bisexual because he is more attracted to other men.

      1. So he’s bisexual. If he’s gay, then he’s not fathoming the idea of being with anyone else but men only and penis only. He’s not saying that, he’s saying he enjoys women and trans models. So he’s pansexual. Again anything but gay. Let’s be honest and not try to blur the lines of what homosexuality is and has always been. That’s the reason why he was called out on Twitter.

        1. Andy is guilty of special pleading. That Sharok clearly saying that he has sexual feelings for women and is eager to explore those feelings still somehow makes him gay. And then expects everyone else, including gay men, to believe that that totally checks out.

          I mean, he is free to identify however he wants. Maybe the label meant a lot to him growing up, but to expect other people not to notice the contradictions and not mention them is pretty ridiculous.

          That, of course, doesn’t justify harassing people that think they’re a special unicorn. That is never okay and is even counter-productive if you don’t like him (you’re giving him attention and a soap box for easy likes and retweets).

  8. First of all, the person who responded to Sharok about being bi totally misunderstood his tweet. His tweet is in response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker also did the same in a recent tweet, yet nobody is going to him and demanding that he’s straight and he should stop saying that!

    People just need to chill!

  9. About Sharok

    Many of you say that labels don’t matter. Let me tell you that they do, kindness for me. Why? When the people label someone for being gay, they don’t do it because you have sex with women, they do it because you have sex with men.

    This kind of rhetoric, “gay men can have sex with women” only serves to spread the rhetoric of homophobes who say that “being gay is a stage in our life or a choice.” And this is not so, I am gay because I was born gay, I did not sign any form, nor did I take a wrong turn.

    Straight men, don’t have sex with men.
    Bisexual men, have sex with men and women, or women and men.
    Gay men, we don’t have sex with women. And you know why? Because if you’re a gay man experiencing sex with women and you like it, you’re not gay, you’re bisexual.

    Gay porn actors have a big problem with this word “bisexual” they seem to be afraid of it. Being bisexual is as normal as being straight, gay, pansexual or whatever label you give yourself.

    Now, to all those people who agreed with Sharok, I would like to tell you to go to the nearest high school to your home, look for the gay or lesbian teenager who will surely be suffering bullying because of their sexual orientation and tell them that, they suffer bullying because they want to, because gay men can have sex with women and lesbian women can have sex with men, and on top of that they will be being gay and lesbian, right?

    No one should tell Sharok who he has to work with or who he has to date. What they were trying to tell him, is to stop using the “gay label” and more so when he himself has said he has had plenty of sex with women and enjoyed it.

    Sharok you want us to be open minded? I will be open minded when I see Johnny Sins, Johnny Castle or Sean Lawless, among others, having gay sex.

    Sorry for my english.

  10. Meh, Lance/Lucy Hart seems to be the kind of man to fetishize being a female, therefore an autogynephile. The weird thing is the wording in one of the tweets which says “…I’m trans NOW”, it’s like it implies it’s a temp status, then what, you’re gonna get back being a man?

    As far as Sharok is concerned, homegurl is a soy boy. First of all, he’s never been a good performer, but now the stuff he’s saying makes him look insecure as fuck, typical Armond Rizzo style. This bitch can’t handle the fact that some people find him boring to watch, so he’s making up excuses. Also I do believe he can’t handle his feminine side (which is a common thread for “fem” gay men these days to film with trans people just to prove that they’re open minded and masc af….lmao), like hennie that roided body can’t mask your mannerisms, own them.

    No wonder gay content creators are so few and studios don’t want them, y’all are annoying whiny brats.

    1. I totally agree with you. A lot of this gay men liking women having sex with transmen is very performative. But can you blame them when they’re basically seen as undesirable to gay men simple because they are gay?

      1. I mean, it’s not my fault if gay men in this industry have next to zero sexual energy, therefore undesirable. It’s given that a g4p will suck at his job 95% of times because they’re “straight”, that should surprise nobody. But what’s the excuse for most gay men being just as awful?

        Yes, this is a job, but I don’t appreciate the double standards just because some people are needy and demand representation, I need skills before sexuality and if someone is trash I’mma call them out regardless if they’re gay, straight or bi.

        Sharok has always been a piss poor performer, dude needs a fucking cockring to stay hard and fucking “fem” boys doesn’t erase his femininity, but the recent debacle also highlighted how fragile this bitch is.

  11. It’s a pretty sad day on earth when you have gay men, who I question if they are really gay, trying to say sexuality isn’t black or white. Do you as a gay man really feel that way or do you want to believe that in hoping that one day you will get to sleep with a straight man? How many vaginas and boobs do you masturbate to within a week? How many women do you fantasize about having sex with as a gay men? The older I get, the more turned off by the gay community I am becoming. I’m sick of this flippant behavior and this running theme of low-esteem. Is anything solid in the gay community anymore? Are have many of you accepted the spoon fed lies because the lie is more appealing to you?

    Also we need to talk about how a lot of people are developing abnormal sexual desires and labeling it as being open minded. No, you watched too much porn and now you’re starting to reach for tattoo material to get you off. That is the issue I have with a lot of so-called men who become trans attracted. They fetishize trans people but will not date a transperson. That is problematic. They’re basically saying you’re good enough to fulfill my kink but that’s all. The same thing is done to gay men in the form of “gay for pay” a bunch of men who are sexually attracted, get off to having sex with men but do not want to define their sexuality because labels hurt and you have gay men with low esteem stroking their egos by supporting their lies so they can get what they want. And now gay men will get upset with you when you say a man is gay or bi. What the hell is going on?

  12. Lance Hart was a nice-looking man. Sorry that he’s made the switch, but whatever makes him happy . . . .

  13. I use to love Lucy’s chest, but I think she is a lot hotter as a woman. (No offense, it just seems more like it was meant to be to me)

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