Pierce Paris, Cliff Jensen, Bryce Beckett, Teddy Bryce, Sharok, Bo Sinn, Andrey Vic …

Who could it be?

Cliff pissed off with misuse of his content and thanked his fans for helping.

Happy birthday!

More tattoos for Teddy Bryce.

No more Bo at Bromo.

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  1. why not talk about sharok’s debacle where he was trying so very hard to hide that he is bisexual and how he hid tweets and deleted his ow tweets so that the comments would be lost. I dont know whats wrong with porn guys and why they try so very hard to hide their bisexuality when they’re called out but dont hide it the rest of the time. He has been with women, still is with women, has filmed w them too. He probably doesnt want to be exposed cus the only reason he got in america was because he lied about being gay, he wasn’t unsafe there he just wanted a come up, its not about survival to him its about professional opportunities. Im tired of how bi guys try to call out g4p as if in this situation they’re not the same as g4p guys. Over bisexual men infesting gay porn gtfo.

    1. These are embed tweets – nothing to embed if the tweet you mentioned was deleted.

      The post now has one tweet that’s empty – it means it was deleted after I published this post (tweet was from Sharok).

      1. I know thats why i commented that lol. You can easily find the comments tho on twitter got to the search bar and tap the @ with key word(s) for example @thesharok bisexual. You’ll find all the comments even very old comments where people call him out and he deletes his original tweet.

        1. “call him out” you mean the deranged assholes on twitter that just go around accusing people of a sexual orientation?

          You need to get a hobby. This is SO FUCKING WEIRD. You crazies have been doing it for years now. It’s like some sick pleasure you get from messaging pornstars.

          1. No, what’s weird is people who lie and manipulate like Sharok. Wanting honesty and for terms that are used to describe our sexuality to not be misused and abused is reasonable. Sharok doesn’t show basic respect for his audience.

            1. You don’t “own” sexual orientations. Why do you care how someone else identifies? How does this affect your life in any way?

              If you don’t like Sharok’s posts, then UNFOLLOW AND MOVE ON. No person is making you look at his social media. You are obsessed and unhealthy.

          2. Tell that to these bisexual performer who pollute and crowd gay porn to perpetuate homophobic ideas like conversion. Tell that to them who might fck up lil gay kids minds by making it harder for them cus gay boys often times only way to see male on male ‘affection’ is thru porn tell that to those men who are the sick ones and purposefully support conversion rethoric. Stop shifting blame and acting like a pick me they wont love you for that. Muggy is right

            1. LOL WHAT?! Now you’re accusing gay porn models of being bad role models for children?!

              Bisexual people, transgender people, etc will always exist. You can’t erase them no matter how many gross messages you send them on social media.

      1. There were a couple of troubling tweets but on a nut shell…

        He recently made out with a female at a club and then for some reason he needed to post this on his Twitter. Once that was criticized, he went on Twitter with a video and started talking about how gays are over reacting and he kind of said they were being over dramatic.

        This is when the shit hit the fan b/c then he was exposed for his Onlyfans DMs about how he loves kissing and how he’s been kissing girls and loves it too. He then said he doesn’t know about sex but would love to do bisexual porn scene too.

        Then he started becoming slightly arrogant about the backlash by trying to exchange not so witty banter between him and other “gay” porn stars who have one bi and trans porn themselves. Gay guys on Twitter was letting his ass have it b/c he kept digging himself deeper and deeper. He claims that even though he’s loving kissing females and wants to have sex with them sooner than later… he’s still gay.

        1. The thing he’s had sex with women already and still do but just like arad for example who lied about being gay for asylum and got exposed by everybody including his ex roommate beau banks for being bisexual and hooking up with girls too, they still desperately try to gaslight gay men and people in general into thinking that despite being into women and having sex with them he is still a gay man. Those guys are weird af!!! Its even weirder that some of the audience accepts that kind of homophobia and that even a bisexual man like him doesnt see how thats wrong for him to do that

          1. Now hold up. Just because arad did a bi scene, doesn’t mean he’s secretly straight and lied to get asylum. He could honestly be attracted to men and that would be enough for asylum.

        2. This attempt to turn the word ‘gay’ into a euphemism for ‘flamboyant bisexual’ is getting on my last nerve.

          It’s one of the most pernicious things ‘queer’ activists and the gay porn industry is trying to do right now.

        3. So where in the f*ck did he say any of the other crap you are claiming!? Like filming with and fucking women now!? He claimed to fucked women before coming out, well-established gays did that FFS! Seriously dude, you have a point about some big guys hiding behind the gay stature, but you are so off the rails with most of your accusations that you come across as crazy!

          1. Gay men dont do that tho. He locked his account for a reason. And theres a difference between experimenting and being in full blown relationships with women willingly without a survival state of mind. He was willingly with those women bc he wanted to and theres proof and screenshots all over twitter look up @thesharok bi or bisexual and you’ll see. Well if i come across crazy to a sick society then i must be doing something right, wouldnt it be maddening to you to have a very part of your identity being vlolated like that constantly. Maybe if others spoke out like i do a discussion could be created and we could face it and make the future better for the gay youth to come. Stop putting your head in the sand.


      2. he kept tweeting the word gay and some people highlighted how he is in fact no gay and he tried to ironically be snarky and say thank you for reminding me i forgot but then other people started bringing up tweets he made and onlyfans private messages he sent to certain ppl saying that he is in fact bisexual and that he does want to film bi porn too. They also brought up how he faked his orientation to get asylum here. Thats when he started hiding tweets and deleting his own tweets so that the comments could be lost.

    2. sharok is a 4’11” only top with an average cock – who cares.. he’s a snooze fest to me

      1. We care cus its a constant thing having people bastardize the word gay and make people believe gay men can be changed and being gay isnt as strict as being gay. Most harmful cliches about gay men are actually about bi men. And defying it is our only way to make sure this type of idea about us disappear so that the next gen can be at peace.

        1. word salad.

          The most harmful cliches about gay men are because nutjobs like you are out here policing people.

          1. you not understanding what i am saying or talking about doesnt make me the idiot here, lets be clear and if you dont care and have nothing to defend or defy why are you still under everybody’s comments having issy fits about us not gay men not being door mats.

  2. ‘Lucy Hart’ is tragic. A straight/bi guy with a sissy fetish letting it completely overtake his life and sense of self is disturbing to watch.

    His parents must be so confused and sad about what happened to their son. Unchekced autogynephilia is a bitch.

    1. @Muggy, so many people in the gay community still think of trans as the ultra-effeminate gay men they know from Drag Race or Paris Is Burning, but that simply isn’t the case. ‘Trans’ has been expanded to include cross-dressers/autogynephiles (straight men who get off on dressing as or ’embodying’ women). Has no one noticed the explosion of trans ‘lesbians’ in the last few years? In the ultimate irony, these straight men with a fetish have become the new face of what was the gay rights movement.

      1. Yes to everything you said. The little boys “who always acted like girls” types of trans women are now the minority. “Trans Lesbians” (straight and bi cross-dressers/autogynephiles) with no early history of gender non-conforming behavior are now the dominant group amongst trans women. I have the studies to back it up too. ‘Lucy Hart’ is a great example. They aren’t ‘trans’. They’re sex/porn addled fetishists. It’s a fucking mess.

        1. How about you don’t tell people what they are or aren’t. Lucy identifies how she wants to.

          1. So, is Lance now officially Lucy and trans? Or identifies as gender non-binary? I see the Twitter screenname has changed to mamahartx though. I did always have a hard time following their career, between being straight and married to a woman, but going the whole hog in gay porn. I know they’ve also done straight and bi porn too, but is this fetish or a prelude to trans porn?

            1. @Reg “Lucy” is on fucking hormones right now and is now trans. He’s lost the fucking plot.

              1. That’s disrespectful to Lucy she is transitioning to becoming a woman. She tweeted about plastic surgery and is clearly taking female hormones. Her wife seems cool with it too.

          2. What if we just told the truth instead of enabling nonsense? I’m not abandoning the truth to protect a lie.

            Peoples personal identities shouldn’t be respected unless they are logical and based in fact.

            1. Such a sad spectacle the lot of you are, can’t even accept people for who they are regardless of your useless “truth” or opinion no one asked for. Transphobics are truly in every dark corner of the LGBT community and that’s really sad. No wonder why everyone thinks we’re a bunch of deplorables.

              1. Who is this “we” you speak of? Iol

                Did you know that in the 50s HRT was used as gay conversion therapy and transgender identity was pushed on gay men for this same purpose?

                Did you also know that the transexual community at the time did everything they could to distance themselves from gay and lesbian people?

                There’s no “we”, nor “LGBTQwhatever community”, this is all a very recent fabrication which useless ideologues are bending backwards to justify.

                Also maybe, just maybe, some people think gay and lesbian people are ” deplorables” because queer activism loves to associate us with all sorts of fetishists and sex pests?

                Maybe the fetishization of the “freak” image perpretated by queer theory that is harmful to the gay community?

                Use your brain.

                  1. Everything he said is relevant and you don’t have a comeback. Screaming ‘transphobic’ is the default retort for idiots who can’t defend their nonsense. The LGBT+ ‘Community’ is largely a political creation of the last decade. Forced teaming is bullshit.

              2. The only sad spectacle here is Lucy Hart. Autogynephilia is not the same as being trans. I’m not going to pretend it is, so I can toe the company line and be a ‘good gay’. You’re just a door mat.

                1. And you’re a despicable human. Stop policing people’s bodies. It’s really gross how much you are invested in this.

                  1. Cry more bitch. I’m not policing anybody’s body. ‘Lucy’ can do whatever they want. But I’m not going to pretend they are trans. They are a straight/bi man with autogynephilia. He’s being driven by sex, a paraphilia more specifically, not gender identity.

                    1. Yeah you’re just going to obsess over them, send them nasty messages, leave hateful comments on porn blogs etc.

                      And yeah you are policing someone’s body. You’re trying to tell them how THEY identify. You don’t know them! You only see a snipped of their life from social media. You are so fucking WEIRD!

                  2. “Policing people’s bodies” kek

                    Say this to the twitter TRAs using “genital preference” rhetoric to pressure gay men to have PiV sex.


  3. Who cares who Pierce is doing in the future. He is still going to be considered Mr. ED. And why does anyone need to report any accts concerning Cliff Jensen Why can’t he do it himself since he is the one who seems to be the one involved. These porn stars especially Pierce are really getting desperate and becoming more pathetic as time goes by.

  4. I find it ironic and refreshing how you rarely see or hear about moc pornstars, specifically black men, being gay for pay—-this doesn’t apply to Gayhoopla. Even the ones that are bisexual like Trey Donovan and Dillon Diaz all have biological, cis men as partners. And majority of them don’t film with women like their white colleagues do. Isn’t that interesting? It seems like all of the white gay pornstars are bisexual. I’ve heard female pornstars say a lot of straight pornstars are bisexual as well but I always assumed that was just chatter. I guess the reason why you don’t see many straight pornstars crossing over into gay porn is because it has been stigmatized and the straight porn industry is still homophobic and blames bi pornstars for spreading diseases such as HIV. However, it is ironic how you can do as many straight scenes as you want and come in and out of the gay porn industry? Imagine if gay porn held the same rules as straight porn. It will not because being straight is a huge draw in gay porn and many do not want to admit that.

    1. White men seem to suffer more from the loss of social status that comes with being gay.

      1. I think it is the other way around. While being openly gay isn’t as looked down upon as it once was in the black community, risking being seen as gay even for monetary gain is a no-no. So when a man comes out as gay or bi in the black community, he comes out certain and knowing his fate. It is clearly not the the same for the vast majority of white men. Do not get me wrong, homophobia is colorless and there levels to how it impacts people, but we can’t pretend like white men suffer more.

    2. If only!! Even the porn actors in gay porn expect their audience to be welcoming of straight content even tho thats not what they’re paying for and gay men already have to deal with straight stuff all around the rest of the time. You would never see a straight porn model say to his audience they should appreciate gay porn or t porn ever. But guys like angel rivera, blake mitchell and others love to weaponize their heterosexuality against their gay male audience. Thats why gay men never really feel comfortable with bi guys.

    3. You probably don’t see more Black men in bisexual videos due to stigma though or prejudice. Black men in gay porn have tweeted about the racism behind the scenes. In bisexual porn since most of the women are white maybe these white ladies don’t want to do a video with a black guy? It happens. Dillion Diaz and I think his partner Jake Waters are the only Black men I see in bisexual porn. Another issue is there are Black men on the straight side of porn who probably are bisexual or gay in real life. But their image is of a straight black man so they don’t do gay porn. For fear of losing straight audience. White men got it easier.

    4. “I’ve heard” is just the most ignorant thing to base a whole long comment on. Smh

      1. Dude, there is literally a video on Youtube with millions of view of some female pornstar saying that most men in straight porn are bisexual. I told you that I thought it was chatter and never gave it much thought, but as @Andy pointed out, there is a stigma behind it. So perhaps it is true to some degree.

  5. The amount of transphobia and biphobia in these comments, disguised as pearl clutching, is fucking hilarious.

    And of course the usual reprobates and deplorables, Muggy, Cherrystick et al, are knee deep in it.

    Say after me: If a porn performer is trans, its their business. If they fuck a woman, its their business. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Upset they post about it on their twitter? It’s their fucking twitter, so don’t read it if it upsets you.

    1. I’ll keep telling the truth and saying whatever I want. Someone has to counter the misinformation and propaganda pushed by dirtbags like you.

        1. Google and read “Men trapped in men’s bodies: Narratives of autogynephilic transsexualism.” by scholar Anne A. Lawrence. Anne is an ‘autogynephilic transsexual’ who acknowledges and studies this phenomenon.

          Educate yourself before you lecture me about ‘vitriol’.

    2. Okay Phil… Sure Phil… We’re terrible people Phil… We have an irresistible urge to hate bi and trans people Phil… What I’m the hell is wrong with us Phil… How dare we speak on our feelings on a blog Phil… Damn we’re just dumb Phil…

        1. Okay Phil… Sure Phil… We’re terrible Phil… yes on all the blah blah blah that you said Phil…

    3. They can fuck whoever and whatever they want, I don’t care.

      The moment they call themselves gay and go around telling people about how much they like pussy and doing straight scenes is when I step in.

      When they pull this shit they not only kidding themselves but also me and other gay men, which is something I can’t stand for.

      Homosexuality is not a market ploy to be used and discarded when it’s no longer useful.

      Also “biphobia” lol

      North Americans are really the masters of inventing 1st world problems, aren’t they? Their lives are so boring and uneventful that not being validated by every single person that crosses their path is considered as some sort of great evil oppression.

      How curious.

      1. Yeah, you really nailed it.

        North Americans, on this porn site that focuses on North American porn should stop thinking only about themselves!
        (The focus is NOT Euro, NOT Menna, NOT Asian, NOT South American, especially Columbian or… Brazilian.)

        North Americans, the intended market that of these studios and a great deal of the twitter performers/adult sex workers who come from there need to be more worldly and less… western.

        Pearls of sense on this website.
        And by sense I mean selfish shitty attitudes from people who been hurt too damn much and not laid nearly enough.

    4. You nailed it Phil H. You have read enough of their nasty and hate filled comments to know just how deplorable and bigoted they really are.

      1. Yall are too comfortable gaslighting outspoken gay men and shunning and dismissing them under the guise of false morality. Unlike you phil they dont just ran with something because they have been told its the right thing. everything that has been brought up is backed and even observed being critical of a certain group after they have done something warranting that criticism isn’t bigotry, thats called thinking, critical thinking, thinking for your own self but i know that for you all those are synonymous to bigotry cus you believe things the same way a cult follower does.

  6. To answer your first question, my guess for the straight pornstar Pierce Paris is filming with is: James Deen.
    Second guess: Tommy Gunn

    1. It’s definitely not them. That’s wishful thinking. He said they were European, so my guess is that its some random guy from Eastern Europe.

      1. Hmmm…but that’s the thing: I’m not sure if he is trying to say in that comment that the porn actor is European, or just making a comparison (implying that if the US had the same norms in adult films as Europe, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal). That’s what I assumed he was trying to say.

        But you might be right; this might be a European actor.

        And frankly, because straight porn has so many “background men” actors, who aren’t like James Deen, it could be anyone who most gay fans probably won’t know. I’ve got zero hopes, but hope to God it’s not another Rocco what’s his name situation from years ago w/Men. Boy that was disappointing.

        1. You’re right about the European part. I misread. It could be Ramon Nomar, maybe? There were rumors about him doing it months ago.

      2. He said “porn stars in Eastern Europe began as gay, the transition to straight “. Nowhere does he say the person he’s filmed with is Eastern European. Could be Deen or the other guy

    2. I’m confused with the whole tweet. Is Pierce also trying to claim he is still gay also?

  7. Yeah, he didn’t say it was a European. My guess is Xander, he’s already done trans material like Ramon. This needs to be a non-issue.

    1. People can take issue with anything they want, especially when its done to dilute and subvert gay identity.

  8. Just my opinion, without hate, but, gay porn consists of dicks, balls and asses. If a scene shows a vagina, it is not gay porn

    1. Well then thank God trans men’s genitals start transforming to a penis so that you can sleep at night with your trans hate definition.

      1. I said I don’t hate, am not transphobic. I just think gay porn should be gay. Period. No vagina, or it’s not gay porn, it’s transpon and should be advertised as such

  9. There’s a term for folks who are soooo concerned / have an opinion on what other people do. It’s called being a BUSY BODY. Can you say “get a life?” Do that!

    Bye, bye!!!

    1. Not when their actions impact me. Gay=/=bisexual. They are trying to destroy the meaning of the word and don’t care that its robbing other people of language they need to describe themselves. The word bisexual exists for a reason. He is free to use it whenever he wants.

      1. Holy smokes!!! Impact you? Exactly how are you making a connection, how would ANYONE make a connection – to you > your life? How folks live, how they define themselves and sex are much more fluid. Folks can interpret & define as they wish. Who are you to dictate? There’s a phase that applies to you – stay in your lane.

        1. Jesus Christ, you brain dead moron. I didn’t make up the definition of gay. That was established decades ago. Gay=same-sex attraction. If you like both sexes, you’re bisexual. It’s simple logic. I’m sorry its beyond your limited intellectual abilities.

          And it does impact me because being forced to share a label with people who aren’t gay causes confusion and implies being gay is preference or a ‘choice’. It reinforces right-wing talking points.

          1. Thank you Miriam Webster! That may be how those terms are defined in the book, but that’s NOT how life is. You’re tragic and pathetic. Tragic – regrettably serious or unpleasant (you’re both) – and pathetic – sad and weak / helpless.

            It appears you just don’t get it – that’s sad. Your caring too much about what others think is just unfortunate. Born single, die single – I assume that’s your story.

            No need to response. Unlike you, I don’t care what you think and I will not be racing back to see what you wrote.

            1. If you through there was no need to respond, then why you did so anyway?

              “I don’t care about what you think”

              writes an entire response to something you don’t care for


          2. That’s your limited view of sexually it isn’t black and white. There are men who have sex with other men the sexuality experts call them MSM. These men don’t want to be identified as gay or bisexual yet they have sex with other men. Then there gay men who like trans men such as myself. I don’t identify as bisexual because I am not attracted to cis gender women. I don’t like the feminine appearance. I am not into MTF either. Yes MTF got the cock between their legs but their appearance is feminine they look like women. I like a masculine appearance and FTM turns me on. Some gay men are 80% or 90% attracted to other men but once in a while turned on or have sex with women. These men don’t define themselves as bisexual. Neither do I. Sexuality is a spectrum.

            1. This isn’t new and those men aren’t gay. Kinsey scale 4’s and 5’s can self-identify however they like, but if they are not exclusively romantically and sexually attracted to men, then they are bi with a preference for men.

              A lot of these porn stars are of course obviously lying to maintain relevance, so I don’t believe anything they say.

            2. Your last sentence contradicts the prior two. There are terms for men that mostly date/has sex with other men, but occasionally does the same with women. They’re called bi men with a preference for men. This isn’t even new, an older term would Kinsey scale 4’s and 5’s that dates back to the 60’s and we can go even further, but you get the idea. Nothing revolutionary at all.

              Of course I’m not here to police how someone identifies, it’s their decision. But it would be hard for fully gay men (Kinsey 6) to ignore the contradiction of the statement of gay men that sometimes purposefully hooks up with women.

  10. Gay men got to understand porn models are SEX WORKERS! Sharok twitter account is protected because he feels harassed. So many of these porn models fuck women off camera. They are open minded enough to fuck other men on camera doesn’t mean they are gay in real life. It is just A JOB. I understand gay men got fantasies about these models but it seeks very few male porn models who work in gay porn are gay in real life. Harassing a porn model because he fucks women is weird. His sexuality is his business.

    1. I agree. At some point gay porn actors became symbols of gay male sexuality even though the people involved in the industry are dominated by G4P’s and buysexuals that will be whatever you want them to be as long as you fork over money and subscribe to their Only Fans.

      And porn actors constantly muddying the waters by purposefully conflating their fake pornsonas with the actual person for monetary gain only adds to the hostility. But that of course doesn’t justify the sometimes obsessive fixation with these otherwise very boring people.

      People really need to not put these actors on a pedestal and find better forms of representation.

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