The 5’6″ Jayden Jaxx bred the 6’1″ Roman Todd in the latest update at Say Uncle.

He uploaded his two part homemade orgy at Raw Fuck Club two months ago.

And, his homemade solo was bought by Sean Cody and released last February 8, 2021.

He first had a scene at Jock Pussy in 2016 (re-released in 2021).

And, he joined Twitter in 2015 that stated in his profile that he was a Marine Corps veteran.

11 thoughts on “Jayden Jaxx

    1. Unfortunately they’re the vast majority in “gay porn” and equally homophobic as homophobic straight people (but more sociopathic)… Just avoid them and don’t give any attention/views to these freaktards.

  1. Nice scene with him and Roman Todd. The contrast of a black cock being swallowed up by a white hole is soo hot!

  2. The Roman Todd one was right up my ally, but foot wear having sex? Not on my radar. Foolish and uncomfortable

  3. BTW, last I checked, Jock Pussy had NADA to do with gay porn, which calls for all participants having dicks. So why not strictly transsexual web sites, where gay or bi guys looking to enjoy GAY porn, have to see what we do not wish to sex. We rarely if ever 2 men getting freaky on straight sites, God forbid. Why are we any different

    1. FTM porn is NOT my schtick, but the thing that annoys me most is say Trip Richards, who appears on specifically gay porn websites…and doesn’t have anal sex. Fine, you have a vagina, but on a gay website, the ass has to come into play.

      1. In a supposed gay website should’t have anybody with a vagina in the first place, it’s heterosexual sex. Gay (male) sex has no female parts.

  4. This was such a benign post and yet, viewers still found a way to be angry & negative in the comments.

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