12 thoughts on “Marky Hendricks of Belami Online (tip @ Res)

  1. You know, I really do not enjoy saying this almost every week………
    BUT, Here we go again..
    As Tyler Gregory this man was beyond Hot. He was perfect.
    Then the weight gain, I believe they call it “bulking” the bloated look of a guy trying to get as big as a mountain… Then the very unfortunate ink…Lots and Lots of ink, stupid ink too, in all the wrong places..
    Now, this guy is fucking UGLY and anything but Hot.
    This is exactly the template of how to totally FUCK UP a perfect body and face.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I just don’t know where these guys get this stuff. Is this something porn companies encourage? Is it a tragedy of society? What causes men to follow this dark path? These men are being wasted.

  2. I agree with all the well-written comments above how sad indeed this is. This guy was gorgeous and totally ruined his looks. Even if I am a long-time BelAmi-fan I am critical towards the fact that they don’t tell how old the content is. I have followed the company since it started (1993?). And the website since 2006.

  3. So over festy lumber jack beards and ink, the beards remind me of the porn stach phase of the 70’s and they didn’t age well

  4. The whole tattoo epidemic just goes to show how sheep minded many people are and how they’re carbon copies off the next person. Remember when emo was it’s own thing? This is like emo at large. And I am convinced, that ink is as addicting as cocaine. I have not tried it myself, but something tells me it’s addicting for so many to be addicted to getting them over and over again.

  5. Jack Harrier has gotten more tattoos as well. I think a lot of the content they post of him is old.

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