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The πŸ‘ & πŸ‘Ž tend to rile some readers of this blog that they vote more than once (previous post is one example) on a comment or a post by clearing their browser’s cache or doing something else (VPN?).

This might create a problem with my web host that has a monthly cap. As much as possible, I would like to stick to my current monthly plan.

To resolve the issue, using stars as ratings might be a good solution like the one I use on my other blog. Or, I could use star ratings for comments but not on posts. Or, no ratings for comments, just on posts. Or, no ratings at all.

UPDATE Ratings plug-in was removed.

24 thoughts on “Rating system for posts & comments

  1. I’d say no ratings at all. They don’t say anything useful and just serve to rile people up.

      1. Oh Noes…. Muggy has warned FieldMedic who must now be terrified of repercussions from an anonymous keyboard warrior on an internet porn blog.
        I’m so glad Muggy hasn’t warned me. I’d never sleep again if he did.

  2. So I looked at the previous post…. wow. Who the hell has time for all of that?

    Wondering why you don’t use Disqus. There’s an up/down voting mechanic users can click only once, and it requires an “identity” your blog readers must maintain. No multiple personas by changing the Name with each post. A person can sign up for several disqus accounts, but again… who the hell has time for all of that?

    1. Disqus allows one to up vote or down vote something without explaining why. IMO if people want to express approval or disapproval of something they should be required to say why.

      1. I read your comment yesterday and thought “this makes sense”. It won’t stop people from posting under different names, but it will force readers to reply to comments. (Denz still has the option to disable up/down votes with Disqus.)

        I do agree no voting on comments is better than any rating system.

      2. I prefer the option of being able to just indicate ‘I agree’ without having to repeat the reasons, or to indicate ‘I disagree’ without getting into a spat over it.

  3. IMO no ratings at all is the best idea. Just let people express their opinions and if people agree or disagree they are free to express their views. It’s too easy to just vote an opinion up or down without explaining why. I have been guilty of doing that many times myself.

    1. That seems like a good idea. I’m relatively new to posting here, so I probably don’t really understand the “community,” for lack of a better word. I don’t (think I) post a whole lot, but I have been mystified by getting down votes on what I would consider pretty benign posts; it just seems like maybe I pissed someone off one time and now, no matter if I posted “water is wet,” I’ll be down voted. If other people have a beef, let them explain it.

  4. Get rid of them. I’m not putting up with idiots like FieldMedic vote bombing my comments anymore.

    1. Says the guy who got 258 upvotes for a nasty comment he posted about Jason Collins. LOL.

      1. After getting 70 fake “dislikes” in the span of an hour from you and your buddy. Nice try though.

        1. Don’t flatter yourself. I wouldn’t waste my time “vote bombing” your usually ugly nasty comments.

          1. No, it was your little friend, FieldMedic, the other idiot who likes to white knight for hookers and sleaze bags.

              1. Hookers are not known for their integrity and good character. It’s a stereotype, but most stereotypes have truth to them. Accept it or live in denial. It’s your choice.

  5. Changing a rating system is not going to do anything to improve the incredibly toxic culture demonstrated by many of the regulars here on this page.

    1. Agreed. Some of these folks go for blood. Not an atmosphere I like to be a part of at all.

  6. I feel like the ratings system make the site more interactive good or bad. Now you don’t know what someone thinks of your opinion unless they reply to it. It feels a bit empty now.

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