There are 3 ways comments are handled by WordPress.

  1. Comments are immediately posted once you hit send (if not tagged as spam).
  2. Your first comment needs approval. Once approved, use the same name & email so that your succeeding comments will be posted once you hit send (if not tagged as spam).
    • This is now the current set-up. You should be good if you commented before – use the same name & email.
  3. Requires you to log-in to comment (similar to Disqus). You either need a WordPress, Gmail, Twitter or Facebook account.

Which one do you prefer?

Just an FYI. Comments from the uploaded posts (2011 to August 03, 2021) from the Typepad blog were removed so that Search Engines will not penalized this blog for duplicate posts.

11 thoughts on “Comments on this blog

  1. #1 or #2. I’d never post comments if the option chosen is #3. I don’t want comments associated with my real name.

  2. I prefer option 1. The good thing about this blog is that anyone can say whatever they want without being censored (within reason, of course). Yes, there are people who make incendiary comments and some others are overly negative but, who cares? It’s part of what makes visiting this blog fun and we are all adults: if there is something we do not like, we can always ignore it or sensibly engage in a mature and level-headed discussion.

    Personally, this need to censor anyone who says that something you don’t like or doesn’t perfectly match your own beliefs and opinions, is shamefully puerile. There are other blogs where comments are constantly monitored and basically, everything revolves around what the blog owner likes and anyone who has a different opinion is basically expelled… Do you really want this blog to turn into that sort of place?

    One of the nicest things about MOP is that everyone has the opportunity to say what they want. Why take that away and decrease the plurality, liveliness and engagement that we currently have in the comments section?

  3. #2 seems like a good balance. #3 just feels like a privacy nightmare waiting to happen.

  4. I’d have preferred Twitter if it can notify me of comments like disqus. Email notification is a little annoying and it fills up my inbox quickly. I’d have loved Disqus, but if I have to choose one now, it’s method 2.

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