More tattoos for Hatler Guruis

Hatler Guruis at Chaos Men (January 2022)

Hatler’s latest tweets about his tattoos.

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  1. I don’t want to be unkind but WTF did Hatler expect using not just his real name but his extremely unusual real name as his porn name?
    There is a reason of the dozen of thousands of porn stars who have gone through the industry worldwide over the years only a handful ever did use their real name.
    I wish people wouldn’t discriminate against sex workers but it is a fact of life. It was… not clever to think he knew better.

  2. Uh…… I seem to remember a little saying..
    Oh yes, its something like this.. “You made your bed asshole, now enjoy sleeping in it”
    One of the most important things to ever remember in life : Actions have Consequences”

    1. What’re you doing commenting on a porn site if you hate porn stars that much to have that mindset that pornstars deserve to be discriminated against?

      1. I usually don’t respond to questions on my posts. But I will just this 1 time.
        1 – I am commenting because that is what is done on this site. Just like you.
        2 – I don’t hate porn “stars” at all. IF you go back and read from many of my posts, I always give a positive comment when it is deserved. But, when an IDIOT like this cries about how the world is out to get him and its causing him financial problems because of all his ink, then posts again bragging and I quote : ” Soon I will be one of the most tatted up guys in the world”
        I just have to point out how stupid he is. Its all about accountability. Today’s “stars” and most of the porn “world” do not even begin to understand how to stand on their own. They grift and beg for money once the popularity dies down and real life’s bills come due. They bitch and cry over social media about how life isn’t fair…
        3- I do not think it is fair to discriminate against anyone. BUT, If I am renting a room and my choice comes down to a guy who holds a real job ( not stripper, whore or porn star ) and the guy isn’t covered 75% of his face and body with ink. OH, and if the guy does not have eye lid rings and a bull ring thru his nose…. Fuck Yes, I will rent to him. Because that is MY CHOICE.
        As I said before, he made his bed and now he has to live with the consequences.

        1. Ignore FieldMedic. He posts under multiple names and thinks these porn stars are his best friends and care about him. He’s deranged.

          1. Yes, I have seen many posts that smell of him in the past with different names, he loves to argue. He always acts as an apologist for these porn “stars” and probably is one of those brain dead marks who gives them money every time they beg for food money for their baby, or rent..

  3. He made a choice. No one in the history of doing porn has anonymity and it’s even worse today. So, maybe he thought that he wouldn’t bother to hide and that’s why he used his real name. He thought it would be cool and that he’d be like Liam Jolley (who is actually a bad example, because he’s basically destroyed his life), fitness models and celebrities who have OnlyFans…but he’s active doing some pretty grubby porn. He could leave an interview, be Googled and the potential employer that he filmed/released a scene that very day. He didn’t even distance himself from porn while he looked for work.

    It’s 2022 and forms of expression are all well and good, but if he’s applying to be a social worker, a nurse, a bank teller even…that much modification and a porn career that’s not even on the downlow, is going to make finding work tough.

    I sometimes wonder if having a tattoo suit is what drove Logan McCree literally mad, into the arms of conversation therapy and now a political party in Scotland campaigning against homosexuality!

    If he wants to famously be the most tattooed man in the world, then that’s where his career ambitions should be. Go to tattoo contentions, be a canvas for great tattooist…but stop with the backroom bad ink, which you might be able to cover yourself with, but isn’t going to get you any celebrity.

    He could have gone to David Beckham’s tattooist and said, “go to town, demonstrate your work and I’ll be a walking canvas”, but he’s covering himself in cheap hideous tattoos, which aren’t impressive and are stopping him from being able to get a regular job.

    His best bet would be to stop and then have them removed, or to dedicate himself to porn and forget about anything outside of it.

  4. Hello-

    IN terms of porn when models have full body tattoos its an “ABSOLUTE TURN OFF”.

  5. Imagine that… A trashy guy that might be intriguing in a porn movie, as a bouncer in a gay bar, or a trailer park in Tampa, isn’t so appealing when people need to determine if they are fiscally responsible.

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