7 thoughts on “Buck Richards is back via his solo at Chaos Men

  1. Chaos Men has gone down. The allure was that we saw new fresh faces with hot sex scenes. Not the same ole suspects that are running around from studio to studio with lackluster performances.

    1. Yeah, Bryan sold the studio and the new owners just don’t know what to do with it — they’ve kept the old format for scenes (solo, edge, raw) but with their cattle call roster of names instead of the fresh new faces that Bryan was able to recruit. It’s just not the same anymore, since old faces doing solo aren’t believable and the sexual chemistry of edges, not to mention the tidbits of fucking during the scene, just seem gone and the formulas don’t work anymore.

      1. I’ve never been into solo scenes much; maybe if it’s a new guy you’ve never seen before or possibly someone who’s been a total top playing with toys, or like Butt Machine Boys (I remember a Jack MacCarthy/Brandon Monroe one as being particularly hot). But for me, there’s no thrill in seeing someone I’ve seen have full-on sex then do a jack off scene.

        Case in point: Buck Richards. A cute guy with a big dick who is good at the sex. No interest in watching him masturbate.

    1. Reg is 100% correct. Buck’s tats are especially egregious. He’s vandalized an otherwise amazing body. If you can somehow look past the ink, it’s actually pretty amazing to see how Buck has transformed his look in various ways just by mixing up haircuts and facial hair. Whatever the combination, he’s always looked handsome from the neck up.

      1. Fingers crossed you haven’t jinxed things and his next tattoo won’t be a Bo Sinn facial one 😉

  2. When men illustrate their bad life choices on their bodies, this is what you get. Mostly in places like Tampa.

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