Caleb Mills, Liam Quinn, Damien Crosse, Dante Colle & Michael Del Ray

Gay Hoopla with another pair-up of two guys that were first paired at Bi Guys Fuck – Caleb Mills and Liam Quinn.

Started in 2006 and within reach for his 200th scene – Damien Crosse (aka Sebastian of BSB) with Joel Someone at Pride Studios [gallery].

Friends in real life whose who have been paired more than once in gay porn – Dante Colle and Michael DelRay at Next Door Studios [gallery].

11 thoughts on “Caleb Mills, Liam Quinn, Damien Crosse, Dante Colle & Michael Del Ray

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Damien Crosse, Joel Someone scene; they’re both pigs. I like the pigs.

  2. Should be who’ve not whose. So I’m a grammar Nazi, Lol. Love Dante and Michael together. My favorite is when Dante bottoms though

    1. I support Dante and Michael at what they’re doing but since being not that atractive to me and being everywhere that makes it less and less erotic in my concern

  3. Caleb Mills and Liam Quinn are definitely hot together. Liam loves to bottom. He’s already had Andy McBride’s big cock. Caleb loves to top. His dominant side surfaced when he was pounding hot Leon Foreman.

  4. What the hell is it that people think is so hot or sexy about Michael and Dante? I don’t see it and never have.

  5. Dante and Michael are unattractive. I dont think anybody find them attractive I just think the porn industry set on forcing them down our throats

  6. I’ve never found Michael DelRay to be attractive. I always wonder how he gets booked!

    I wouldn’t mind watching Damien & Joel fool around.

    1. Michael DelRay gets bookings because he has 2 of the three pre-requisites; a big dick and a decent body. Whether someone has a cute face is somewhat subjective, but I have always liked his look, even if he’s not my ideal. Many of my favorite porn performers do not match my ideal in the face, it’s more of a whole package thing. Individually Michael and Dante are acceptable, but together, there’s just something about them that flips my switch. I have a feeling that to spend a few days with the two of them would be both exhausting and exhilarating.

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