Chip Tanner, Kris Evans, Alex Parry, Gino Mosca, Jackson Taylor, Cassidy Jones, Castro Supreme & Kaden Saylor (May 2010)

Chip Tanner of Randy Blue, who was reported to have passed away but was still alive, had an interview with (now gone) with regards to poop eating. Hi Chip! Before you started working with Randy Blue, you were sort of an underground web celebrity in your own right. I read some wild rumors about you on message boards, so let me just clear those up first. Is it true that you once filmed yourself eating your own poop? 

Chip: Ha ha! Well, I did have a website where I did some things. And I had a sort of fanbase. And yeah, it’s true. I did eat poop. OK. Why? 

Chip: I enjoyed the shock value. I’m for freedom, and people should be able to do whatever they want. Even if you think it’s gross, as long as you’re not harming anyone else. I mean, people think I’m crazy, and maybe I am a little. What did the poop taste like?

It was kind of tasteless. And it was warm.

27 models of Belami Online in a jerk off scene.

Belami Online talked about the porn career of Kris Evans outed to the public. And, the first scene of Kris as the bottom was released – a threesome with Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios.

The last couple of months we had a difficult time in Budapest. A few of the boys working for us had their porn careers exposed. Some boys who come to Bel Ami hope to conduct their career in anonymity but I tell each of them, repeatedly, this is a naive idea. In the internet age, exposure is only a matter of time. 

This happened to most of our major models from Hungary over this past winter. The most difficult case was Kris Evans, who was a police officer. When I started to work with Kris, I made him aware of this risk. When he began to shoot for us, I told him he would become too popular too quickly to be able to contain it. I asked him to leave the police force because I knew it could create a scandal which could be exploited politically. Unfortunately, he didn't listen. 

The exposure happened quite unexpectedly. As usual, it was a local gay village idiot spreading the news around. Even though we block access to our websites in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, people will find out. It happened one week before he came with us to South Africa and he almost did not shoot, but he did film a solo episode in Cape Town.

The story unfortunately broke during early Parliamentary elections, amid several police scandals, and the news of a police officer going off to shoot gay porn was seized upon as prime material for scandal. Kris was splashed over television reports and splashed in the tabloids. However, the early TV reports that reported on the scandal accidentally used Skyler Caine's pictures, not photos of Kris. 

However, he ultimately had to leave the police force. They asked him to leave. He at first considered contesting this, but gave up in the end. At heart, Kris is still a small-town boy from a very small city of 10,000 in Southern Hungary and these developments have turned his life upside-down, as I expected. Before all of this happened, I offered to have him work for us full-time, but he declined. 

We have four or five additional episodes featuring Kris still to be released. Will he continue to shoot or won't he? We don't know. On the one hand, I feel for him. On the other hand, he is one of the best models we have had in recent years and I would hate to lose him. But right now we can't really push it."

English Lads released a transsexual scene with Pax Perry, who had solo shoots with his uncut & circumcised cock.

Mike (2008) of Sean Cody was introduced as Dom at Frat Men.

Karel Ceman of William Higgins & Bad Puppy was introduced as Alf Luganis at Belami Online, who was later renamed as Gino Mosca.

Gerin of Chaos Men was introduced, who we all know as Jackson Taylor (or Reed), who returned for the 2nd time in 2018.

Paul (2010) of Sean Cody returned as Cassidy Jones at Next Door Studios.

Castro Supreme, who had a comeback scene in 2016, was mostly the guy with big dick in every scene at It’s Gonna Hurt.

Kaden Saylor of Active Duty attended the Grabby Awards.

Photo from The Sword

24 thoughts on “Chip Tanner, Kris Evans, Alex Parry, Gino Mosca, Jackson Taylor, Cassidy Jones, Castro Supreme & Kaden Saylor (May 2010)

  1. Chip didn’t actually die. He was arrested a year or so ago and posted a weird video.

  2. These posts are interesting. Some dates associated with them would add great context.

  3. I’ve seen a couple of scenes where castro did bottom. It was kinda hot, knowing what he did later.

  4. Kris Evans was the last gay porn STAR. Rumor has it since he retired he found a wealthy Russian sugar daddy.

    1. Kris Evans was never gay pornstar in the mind’s of gay porn watchers. He flew under the radar and didn’t get any recognition until he left the gay porn industry and turned into an Olympian god like the previous poster said. Kevin Warhol was more popular than Kris Evans at Belami.

      IF he is with a sugar daddy, that’s not surprising. Marc Vidal has been with Versace for years. And Dolph used to “hang out” with Elton and David. A lot of their boys have gone on to be kept/escorts for rich men apparently.

  5. That’s (king) Cole to Kaden’s left. That generation of authentic military Active Duty guys is really unparalleled. Watching them interact and explore on camera was a huge turn-on.

    1. Active Duty was so hot when Kaden was there acting and recruiting for that studioin.It has steadily gone downhill since he left

  6. Gino Mosca was probably my favorite Bel Ami boy ever. I’d love to know whatever happened to him but I certainly wish him well.

  7. I actually got banned from another blog over Chip Tanner’s fake death. I said so what if he is dead…he is just another gay-for-pay loser. That didn’t go over so well and my IP was banned. Turns out, the loser wasn’t even dead. He was faking it. In the words of Jasmine Masters’ “Trash…..just like I thought!”

    I used to like Paul from Sean Cody. I used to call him birdman cause he has a bird like face. He had such a beautiful behind.

    Kris Evans was always hot to me and people didn’t get it then. I remember the Belami boys had a line at Fleshjack and Kris’ toys along with a few others were discontinued, except for Kevin, Mike, and Dolph’s. Fast forward a few years later 2015-2016 Kris jacked up his body and suddenly people started paying attention to him. Personally, I thought he looked disgusting with all of that muscle. But yeah, he was very hot and had good run at Belami. We saw him go from a boy to a man. I had no idea that he was so much older than his character at Belaim. Belaim had him born in 1989 but he should be about 37/38 now IRL.

  8. The belami statement was stupid. Anybody who joins the porn industry should know it is bound to get out. Gay men cannot keep their mouths show. If a gay guy finds out you have nudes or a sex tape out there, they will never let it go. They will reblog, repost, reshare it until you’re dead. If you got nudes out there, and you reach a high level in your career, you better expect some gay guy to expose you eventually. Look at the guy who was running for city council in Atlanta. Antonio is his name… Yeah, gays aren’t gonna let you live it down. So be careful in the future guys.

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