Des Irez, Robert Royal, Rocky Vallarta, Seth Knight, Skyy Knox, Max Konnor, Ryan Jordan, Taylor Reign, Tayte Hanson, Landon Conrad & Grabby Awards 2022


Grabby Awards 2022

A possible comeback.

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  1. I used to like Austin Wilde, but he’s edging nearer to the new crowd of “woke” gays. Seth Knight has been whining endlessly on twitter for years and he too has fully embraced this new brand of wokeism. My issue with him is this… He’s been doing quite a bit of FTM trans porn (which is totally fine). If that’s what you’re into, more power to you. Have at it. No judgment from me nor will I think any less of you for it. However! There are a select few of these guys who hide under the gay umbrella, while engaging with FTM. Okay.. As I said, if that’s your thing, cool! One thing though. I don’t care how flat-chested, masculine or how much they identify as males. If you’re having penetrative vaginal sex, you’re not having gay sex. Period! You fall somewhere along the lines of bisexual. My problem is that this new ideology that’s been forming is now redefining sexuality and imposing these rules and standards on me (a fully gay man). I’m now going to be branded a bigot, misogynist, transphobe and non-inclusive. All because I don’t want to engage in vaginal sex. I resent and rebuke these guys beyond my ability to verbalize here. This nonsense has got to stop.

      1. Human nature doesn’t change. It’s been and always will be. Lunatic ideologies, perpetuated by unstable people who have opportunistic, social climbing motives, has nothing to do with what always was. We’re living 1984, verbatim.

    1. Yes to everything you said. Seth Knight also has sex with women in his private life while insisting that he’s ‘gay’. He’s whacky.

    2. Ppl who are “woke” r brainwashed idiots….they have zero substance in thier “arguments” hence the reason they label ppl who disagree with them as those stupid things u identified. It’s disgusting how they hijacked the lgbtqlmnop movement and turned it into a psychopath show, i will never identify with this movement cuz theyre all mentally deranged.

      1. Agreed. I mean, it’s absolutely absurd on its face. You don’t see Johnny Sins, James Deen, or Rocco Siffredi being accused of being homophobic bigots, simply for not wanting to have sex with those that have penises. Gay men are under attack from the very people that should be supportive.

        And to Muggy’s point. I can’t say I am surprised about Seth. We have Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark both sort of denying their involvement in the gay world. What happened? They met women who were not down with the cause and now to suit them, they have to renounce it. Pathetic.

        1. Please don’t take our silence to mean we agree with you. Many of us who identify as ‘woke’ have moved the debate to a different level. Please, though, enjoy your echo chamber.

          1. Whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant. I voiced my opinion and said my piece. I do think I’m entitled to that. At least in a pluralistic society, we get to have our say. Then again, wokesters would vehemently disagree and try to police opinions. Just another reason I’m not woke and will never be that out of touch with reality. I’ll leave that to you authoritarians and the thought crime brigade.

            1. Yet, you are heated over the very thing that Seth is doing..voicing his opinion. I’ve never seen anyone forced to watch porn, if you don’t like FTM porn, don’t watch it. Why so angry?

              1. Because Seth Knight lies through his teeth and is helping to push this agenda to destroy the word ‘gay’. Fucking chicks because you like it is not ‘gay’ and never will be. Nobody said he can’t say whatever he likes, but people will tell him off when he’s not being logical or respectful to his gay audience.

                The T and the Q are becoming increasingly overt in their hostility to gays and lesbians and people are sick of it.

              2. No. I’d suggest that you reread my post. I prefaced what I said with “I don’t care who you have sex with” (paraphrasing). I’ve had it with hypocrisy and redefining of sexual orientation. To me, gay is gay. Gay does not mean inserting your penis inside a vagina. Point blank. If you can’t get that, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re either willfully ignorant or you’re too caught up in playing this sick game.

          2. Thanks Egon, more gay men agree with us than agree with you. That FTM content is barely featured by mainstream gay porn studios because most of gays don’t want it. Now go back to your echo chamber.

              1. Yes, I do. The studios aren’t producing the content despite the social pressure because it isn’t popular. In a recent survey, only 15% of gay men said they would consider dating a trans man. That’s only consider, nevermind actually doing it. Most gay men reject trans men as sexual partners and romantic partners.

          3. Egon…I agree totally with what you said. if
            being anti-woke means agreeing with people like Sgt. Miles or people of that ilk..thats me… people who say wokesters police free speech have swallowed the Fox megaphone whole..they are conservative parrots..I like Austin Wilde.. a smart man. Robert Dez Max Ryan..all of them are attractive their work and their bodies…Europe Grabby winners look great…especially Bardem and Sir Peter…Landon should bottom for Paul Wagner Tyler Saint Bardem…and any other sexy top Daddies he can find. I would pay good money for Landon to be the center of a Daddy GangBang an

          1. He hasn’t. He just has NO plans to do gay porn anymore.
            So you know… that’s homophobic or something.
            I guess.

    3. Thank you, I couldn’t agree more! No judgement for who people are attracted to, however, as a gay man I don’t want to see vaginas!

    4. Hahaha… no one is calling you a bigot. the new pansexual alignment by gays and straights alike will continue unabated and the rest of the world will celebrate this new sexuality as you and your rigid cohorts scream in a corner. Hahaha!

      1. Preach.

        Do you really think people like sex pests who have no standards? If that’s the case, then you need a reality check.

        Social media is not real life.

        The ones claiming to be x or y neosexuality on twitter are only doing so to obtain easy oppression points to scream at others with. That’s all.

        Once they get out of their little bubble they settle down to the ol’ boring default, take all of the danger of their hair and pretend nothing happened.

        Remember the hippies? Same deal.

      2. Neil, there is no ‘pansexual future’. Only like 1% of the population identifies as pansexual, you retard. Get out of your Twitter/TikTok bubble. Most pansexuals are activists/trend hoppers/sex addicts.

        Normal people don’t want to fuck everything with a pulse.

    5. Seth is fake as his sexuality. He does more content with ftm folks from some time, then cis men. He wears the gay label like a trendy tee. He cheated on his ex with his female friend, so that says a lot about him.

    6. I feel like this… First, to those no matter what sexuality you represent that show hate towards another… you’re taking it too far. We all deserve our time on this globe.

      Second, IMO this “spectrum” that is focused on so much isn’t a matter for gay people or str8 people. We’re on one side or another. The spectrum falls for bisexuals and pansexual. Period. They’re the ones who are stimulated by all.

      Third, we don’t have to have sex with you to be your friend or ally. Period. As a gay man, I don’t have to penetrate your vagina to defend, honor and respect you. I can’t believe some of the tweets that I read or some of the comments made that tell GAY men that were misogynistic or weak because we don’t eat/penetrate pussy or because we don’t want to see women or trans models in our porn realms. What in the hell is that about??? If I’m sexually stimulated by dicks, I’m not going to be stimulated or find attraction to seeing anything else.

      Notice those same individuals don’t do the same on str8 sites and to str8 porn consumers. Hell no, not at all. They’re not berating str8 folks about their lack of interest in trans porn or other men or their lack of sexual stimulation to the same sex and their genitals. They tell gay men and women that were some sort of hateful individual by calling us bigots and genital obsessed. How do you call gay men genital obsessed and that were small minded for being too focused on penises? Aren’t you doing the same thing by pushing in our faces about not wanting to lick and stick vaginas. You’re focused on vaginas and I would think that would be considered genital obsessed. You’re trying to preach about inclusivity while trying to exclude our sexuality. It makes zero sense.

      Being called small minded and bigoted because we want our sexuality to be respected and recognized is the exact same fight that these individuals are trying their damn selves. It’s fine to have gays, bisexuals and trans all in the community together but damn we do need to have our moments where we respect each others sexual comforts and restrictions.

      If I tell you that I’m a gay male and that defines as sex with a penis only to sexually fulfill my needs then there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Doesn’t mean I hate you or wish you didn’t exist.. it’s simply a NO THANK YOU. If you can’t take that no thank you, find someone who isn’t a homosexual to fulfill your needs. Go and get yours and then afterwards we’ll meet back up and have a drink. I mean damn.

      1. Yes. My feelings exactly. You were much more tactful than I was, but I couldn’t agree more. I have nothing against bisexuals, trans, women, straight guys, etc etc. We each have our place and I would never deny anyone the right to do what comes natural for them. I am however troubled by the diminishment and dilution of the gay community/orientation as it were. I was born gay and I doubt I’ll change my feelings in the near future. To me, your sexuality is immutable. If you’re gay, you’re gay. straight, you’re straight, bi, and so on. This hits close to home for me, because I’ve actually dealt with people (face to face), who’ve openly accused me of being non-inclusive for holding true to these beliefs.

      2. Cherrystick, you’re being too kind. These people have no respect for you and are ruthless in their treatment of those who don’t toe the line. I understand you want to be a good lefty but you also have accept what you’re dealing with.

    7. No one is asking you to have sex or enjoy depictions of sex with people you are not interested in!

      Let me say this again.

      No one is asking you to have sex or enjoy depictions of sex with people you are not interested in!

      You’ve crafted a huge argument to say ‘vaginal sex is icky’ and ‘trans sex makes me uncomfortable’.
      Ok. That’s fine. No one expects you to just hop on to something you don’t like especially something so important in relation to your identity and sexuality.

      What would be awesome is if you just try to be nice to people in the LGBT community, share some space and no one will bother you.
      I don’t get why this is so hard all of a sudden, is this part of the 4chan op to wedge LGBT issues apart in the USA?

      If you’re feeling shitty because you paid money to some OF account and the holder is interested in something you aren’t, well… you gotta take the loss and find something you like.

      1. Ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of very few who actually gets it. It’s as if there’s this spell that’s been cast on certain minority groups. The pandering and the inversion tactics to oppress the already oppressed. Now, having said that, I don’t want to come across as a victim. I begrudge no one anything. I just want to be left the fuck alone and I rightly repudiate any disparaging tags or labels that will be thrusted onto me. If you want to pound out a vagina, go for it. Just don’t call me a non-inclusive bigot for not wanting to do the same. Jesus Christ!

      2. “Ok. That’s fine. No one expects you to just hop on to something you don’t like especially something so important in relation to your identity and sexuality.”

        This isn’t true. People do expect that and are increasing social pressure and gays and lesbians to conform to this new expectation.

        1. All the time. As of late it’s like we’re made to be the villains because we’re homos.

  2. Seth Knight. Google: How to build a social media presence. Read several of the articles to get started. Write out a strategy and implement it, then adjust as needed.

    As it stands your twitter account is a notice board of clips released on other platforms. You also have a SERIOUS lack of audience engagement – either none or sparse replies of a few words to other people’s posts. Nothing of you or your personality is there. You don’t get replies or re-tweets…. so do something different. Other performers use twitter with great success, it’s not the platform. You simply need to put in the work.

  3. Sharok. Most Accomplished International Porn Star???? Wait a damn minute! Who picks these winners???

  4. It’s a lie that everything in porn is reflective of supply and demand. Activist creators are a major factor and often insert their messages and desires into porn as part of their activism. It’s also the case that not everything in gay porn reflects the desires of gay men. It can actually often reflect the desires of other audiences that consume gay porn, like bisexuals, straight women, trans people etc, which is why some of the stuff now appearing in ‘gay porn’ shouldn’t even be called ‘gay porn’ in the traditional sense of the term.

    The desire to watch gay identified men fuck vaginas and ‘convert’ is strongest amongst bi males, straight/bi women, and trans men who fetishes gay men and gay porn, but it makes up a minority of gay men themselves, hence the growing tension and push back.

      1. That’s what’s be pushed on the community, you big moron. Why don’t you shock me and say something intelligent for once.

          1. You’re glib and shallow all the time. You speak on topics you only have a superficial understanding of. Try listening instead of sticking your fingers in your ears and repeating slogans and talking points.

  5. Seth Knight – maybe people don’t follow or retweet you because all you do is complain!
    Robert Royal – wow, that is a piece of art (but must have hurt at least on the head)
    Taylor Reign – beautify guy
    Tayte Hanson – glad you are happy; just don’t get the dress
    Kayne Fox – pass… no worries, I’m sure someone else will gladly enjoy the recognition. BTW… in every awards ceremony some people/performances need to be missed… it’s a contest.

  6. Seth hunnie, maybe people don’t notice you because you’re not worth getting noticed at? Ms.thang will always be a fem twink in her heart and her farce of performative masculinity simply isn’t credible. That is why people like her film with ftm people, you don’t want to be seen as fem presenting and what better chance of getting away with it then using trans people as a prop for social media acceptance. That, and y’all are sex/money addict.

  7. OK, to Everyone that got mad at me over 2 years ago when I said the handsome Robert Royal
    needed to stop right then with the body ink. Just take a look at him now. My God, it is sad to see what use to be an attractive fit man turn himself into this freak! NO, it is not “normal” and must be some kind of mental illness to go out of your way to inflict such self sabotage.
    And to anyone who wants to say, its fine, or its “normal” …. you are wrong and you know it.
    The guy is sick.

  8. No one going to mention Landon Conrad? He was one of the last few modes that were considered actual “stars”. Still hot as hell but I hate seeing a guy revert back to the industry, it means he’s not doing so well outside of it 🙁

    And Landon is too good(and gay) for the current mess of this modern gay(?) porn industry.

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