From top to bottom for Lachlan’s 2nd return at Sean Cody

Lachlan was introduced by Sean Cody in 2017 and he returned 2 years later to film his first fuck scene with Sean as his bottom.

It was followed by 6 more guys as his bottom from Archie (December 2019), Asher, Manny, Lane, Deacon to Vic Ryder (January 2021).

Then, Lachlan took a break from filming for Sean Cody for over a year.

His return had him in a flip fuck with Devy.


  1. K

    Just happy to see Lachlan fucked! 😋❤️

  2. andrew

    My two favorite Lachlan scenes were his topping big dick muscular Sean and sexy bottom only guy Lane. I’m sorry to see him bottoming. My biggest turn-ons are top only guys and bottom only guys. They are rare. Being vers gives the model more chances to make money.

  3. R47

    Top or bottom only guys are the height of boredom. How often can one watch the same scenes over and over

  4. Ky

    Very sexy guy, really like him as the bottom!

  5. Camille

    He’s handsome but not really my favorite so he wasnt specially arousing as others. For me I felt electric and nervous when I saw Brandon bottoming. I felt sad he sold his anal virginity 🙁

  6. Bucko

    Awesome news as Lachlan is one of my current faves at SC! And to have him finally bottoming is a dream come true. I hope to see more of his versatility on display for a long time to cum!! WOOF!

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