24 thoughts on “Grabby Awards 2022

  1. Imagine secretly paying for a porn award or caring if you win or not. It’s beyond sad and hilarious. You would think it was a Nobel Peace Prize we were talking about here.

    1. Entertainment has a million award shows that honor themselves so why should porn be any different? It’s not the Nobel prize, sure, but I don’t think anyone is coming here to find out this year’s nominees for World Peace. Let them have their fun. There are a lot of models in porn who I think deserve awards for what they bring to the industry.

      1. This industry doesn’t require any talent. It only requires you to be skanky and ok looking (sometimes not even that). Are they proud to win best anal? That’s what they’re fighting over? Embarrassing.

        1. There are true porn stars, those who have that little something extra that elevates them from just your everyday model. And I say let them get their shine on! We don’t celebrate and protect the porn community as much as we should for what they contribute to our lives and as being both the oldest and most lucrative profession. If sex were my job and I was good at it, then yes, Best Anal would be an honor. Let them have their fun, they’ve earned it!

          1. We don’t need to celebrate porn stars and hookers. They aren’t feeding the homeless. They’re cynically making money off their looks because they feel its more fun than an office job. Should be we also celebrate and praise Instagram models who make money off their body and treat them like heroes? Give me a break.

            You’ve consumed way to much pro-porn and pro-sex worker propaganda. Enjoying watching sex on camera doesn’t make you obligated to put the people involved on a pedestal and spin some yarn about them being heroes. Half the guys in gay porn are criminals, homophobes and dead beats.

            1. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. But your hostility towards porn while on a porn blog is telling.

              1. It’s called being a critic. The audience on blogs like this need to hear contrarian views.

    2. Yeah, fuck porn! It should be stripped off all media and the internet! :p

      I don’t understand how some people can be so high and mighty while the same time they are typing with their hands down their pants.

      1. I’ve never masturbated while on this site…ever. I’m here to give opinions on different topics. You should know that the porn industry doesn’t give a fuck about you. It just wants your money. Stop acting like its your boyfriend.

        1. And yet, I’m not here to judge you if you do have your hands down your pants. What I mean is this is a pornographic blog, everybody here is connected to that in some degree, no need to be high and mighty… (I mean what “moral” person is going to be like Oh, they are just a porn consumer… )

          …but if you think a person has to be my boyfriend for me to treat a person in such a way, no wonder we don’t see eye to eye on treating people “decently”.

  2. Austin Wilde; You are intolerant, as an actor you are terrible and your studio is boring and has the worst performers. I don’t know what you’re complaining about. Why don’t you get nominated? By the way, America and Europe are free land, therefore, each person is free to vote what he wants. I am gay and I would never vote for the friends of Putin, Maduro orh Castro. Never by intolerant leftists who restrict freedom of speech. By the way Fuck Biden! Fuck Democrats!! xoxo From UK

    1. Austin Wilde doesn’t update his site enough or put in much effort in casting. But from what I heard, the models love working for his studio and customers love what they put out(just not on a consistent frequency).

      Oh, you are of Sergeant Miles ilk lol. Go cheer on your champion Boris with that midget hoe Gabriel Cross.

      1. You go cheer up that decadent old man you have as president who is quite embarrassing. Fleeing from Afghanistan like cowards that is what America is now. Better Body, better face and better fucker than that horrendous boring and ugly Austin Wilde. Unemployment in America is to high, right now? Enjoy it haha

        1. You tell ’em! As a gay man who can clearly see what’s happening in the world, it’s refreshing to see someone else who gets it.

  3. If performers are having fun at porn award shows and they bring recognition to them and studios, then enjoy! The weekends present opportunities to make connections and content.

    However, the Grabby’s are a joke. So transparent.

    1. Agree. I don’t get the hostility toward performers; this is a gay porn site, so people who are interested in gay porn, who are, ostensibly, watching it, are going to come here to read about it but then trash the performers? idk, seems hypocritical.

      Yeah, the Grabbys are silly and meaningless but a harmless diversion at a time when there are serious problems in the world.

      1. I know. It’s like enjoying baked good while at the same time hating the people who do the baking. Notice you’ll never get a direct answer from those types if you ask what porn they do watch and get off to.

        1. Mostly amateur stuff actually. Mainstream studio gay porn is terrible and unwatchable these days.

          1. Which performers do you find yourself watching most? Some fan channels have “amateur” content that really isn’t amateur, it’s just shot to look that way. We see more freedom in the way guys fuck, but the production goes further than 2 or more men tumbling into bed after hitting the record button on cellphones. They’re closer to studios than what we think of as amateur work because they go through a similar process of casting and planning positions, lighting and camerawork and post-prod. A giveaway is a dedicated cameraperson and smooth editing.

            Take Fitness Papi for instance. His only real amateur content are the short clips of him jacking off or flexing. The fucking scenes – hot as hell! – have a cameraperson, are strategically shot when only static cameras are available, and rarely uses self-shot footage that isn’t stabilized on a gimbal. LetsEatCakeXx is the same where Kaden & Hylls professionally creates amateur content. 🙂

            Me, I like a mix. I have subs to FalconGroup and Cutler X – really enjoy their scenes and styles. I get off to a vast majority of their content and gladly pay for that consistency. When it comes to independent producers, as they’re referred to at RFC, I like the two already mentioned and a few others. The drawback with amateur work is the lack of consistency and I often don’t watch scenes more than once… but the ones I do watch multiple times are smokin’!

  4. Hopefully winning those awards gets the winners a little more money in their paychecks for some of the future scenes they do.

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