Jerry Ford, Vance Crawford, Robert Axel, Nash Lawler, Jarec Wentworth, Patrick Dunne, Dalton & Aaron Skyline (Aug. 2010)

The first top of Jerry Ford at College Dudes was Shane Erickson. Some of the guys Jerry fucked on the site were Rob Ryder, Bryan Cavallo, Rick Mccoy, Alex Vaara, Tom Faulk & Dylan Roberts.

The first top of Vance Crawford [movies] was Alex James at Cocksure Men.

First to release a scene of Robert Axel [movies] as the bottom was Can Am Productions. It was followed by Cocksure Men with James Jamesson as Robert’s top then Rod Daily at Falcon Studios.

Ty Colt was the first top of Nash Lawler [movies] and it was followed a year later by Brandon Bangs at Falcon Studios.

Jarek was introduced by Sean Cody. After Sean Cody, it was mostly scenes from Men as Jarec Wentworth. By 2015, he was sentenced to prison for 6 years, released in 2019.

Weston of Fratmen was introduced by Randy Blue as Patrick Dunne.

Elliot of Frat Men was introduced by Corbin Fisher as Brick.

Taj of Frat Men aka Hagan of Chaos Men was introduced by Corbin Fisher as Dalton. He was spotted in 2016 as one of the models at Amazon.

Aaron Skyline [gallery] of Next Door Studios, who became Zeke of Sean Cody, had a relationship with Calvin Klien that ended in 2012.

14 thoughts on “Jerry Ford, Vance Crawford, Robert Axel, Nash Lawler, Jarec Wentworth, Patrick Dunne, Dalton & Aaron Skyline (Aug. 2010)

  1. Jerry Ford was my favorite top at College Dudes. Loved his scene fucking the young long haired blonde handsome Tom Faulk and tapping the fine booty of cute bottom boy Rob Ryder.

    1. Jerry Ford riding Shane IS and will always be one of my top scenes. Jerry is the total package.

        1. For me, it was Jerry offering his ass – getting a total rim job, then mounting Shane for a “cowboy ride.” The comments Jerry makes, that dude wants it and is enjoying it. Dang hot!!!

          If anyone has an update on Jerry, please post!

          1. Adding: Jerry with Carter Nash. It’s a filp scene, but again Jerry gets on his back and offers is ass for a nice long rim and mounts Carter for a “cowboy ride.” Also a very hot scene

      1. I agree totally, I don’t know why but I had a hot for watching Jerry getting fucked like a lot! Shame he didn’t do too much of it.

        But I’m curious, why are we reminiscing these old models and their scenes? Wish I could see how they’re doing these days.

  2. VANCE CRAWFORD – I was always attracted to this guy. Very cute face, beautiful eyes/lips. But his scenes were really boring. He was cute, nice body, did almost everything, just lackluster.. Shame.
    TY COLT – Damn, I forgot how hot this guy was. What a body, cock..
    WESTON – Never got why he was a porn star. Very average cock and face. I am being kind too.

  3. Forget Jerry Ford… His top here is Shane Erickson. What ever happened to Shane Erickson?
    That guy was perfect. His scenes with Logan were HOT !

    1. Not that I’m discarding all these guys here but Shane Erickson is almost the only guy who’s really, actually GAY! I think you could tell from his performance.

  4. Nash Lawller had a splendid career as a top and then he admitted in an interview that he was actually gay and did those two scenes where he bottomed. He was from Texas, wonder what happened to him, hope he’s happy.

  5. I just look over College Dudes site and remembered why Jerry Ford really turned this bottom on. He was a mostly top guy. He did bottom for Carter Nash twice and once for Shane, but topped about 14 guys including Tom Faulk Rob Ryder, Dylan Roberts, Alex Vaara, Devin Adams, Patrick Hand, Ryan Diehl, Glenn Phillips, Brody Grant, Rick McCoy, Teagan Scott, Cristian Ray, Ashton Rush and last but not least Bryan Cavallo. Oh how I wanted to be each of those lucky bottoms getting driven to pound town by the Ford man.

  6. Once saw Robert Axel exiting the Hollywood subway. Women and men stopped and stared. Heads swiveled. Surprised cars didn’t crash. And this was in Hollywood. He was literally that stunning.

  7. Jarec Wentworth did NOTHING wrong!

    I joke, I joke, but I still don’t care that he embezzled money from that Republican Politician. I just wish he got away with it (like many of them seem to).

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