Johnny Rapid, Gay Hoopla & Fraternity X

Johnny Rapid [gallery 01, gallery 02, gallery 03, gallery 04 & gallery 05] with a redesign of the site from the new owner, sold by MindGeek (Men) to Gamma (Next Door Studios).

Gay Hoopla and their sister sites (Bi Guys Fuck & Hot Guys Fuck) with discounted memberships after a redesign of their sites.

Fraternity X was renamed to Frat X due to billing issue with Mastercard and renamed again to Breeder Bros by the new owner (or same owner, another business name) of the site.


  1. Muggy

    Gay men have such rock bottom standards for what they will accept. It’s shocking. Most of these guys are a 6 at best. Isn’t porn supposed to be an unattainable fantasy? It looks like you could find half of these guys at a methadone clinic.

    • Rockhard288

      Besides Gayhoopla, you are correct. But I think the: “average white guy who goes to the gym” is very popular among the gay community and has been since the last decade. Why that is I don’t know.

      • Muggy

        I think the industry just can’t afford quality talent anymore. It’s pricey to get actual beautiful people to do porn. For a long time, the industry recruited hot guys by getting hot Eastern European guys at discount price in the early 2000s after the fall of the Soviet Union, but they aren’t as cheap as they once were because Eastern Europe is wealthier now and the US dollars don’t go as far in those countries as it once did. Now the attractiveness of Eastern European models has also fallen dramatically as consequence.

        With hot Eastern European men not being as easy to recruit, the pool of beautiful white guys willing to do gay porn has shrunk dramatically. It’s all skid row junkies now.

        • Rockhard288

          Also, should add that the 2008 recession led to the golden era of SC too. But I think it’s a combination of money not going too far, the internet maturing leading to other avenues of making easy money, and the internet making privacy non-existent.

          • Muggy

            Yep, good points.

  2. Alex W

    Johnny Rapid never did anything for me. He reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. I think that should speak for itself.

    • Fathom

      Agree. Sure he could take two dicks at the same time and have his insides rearranged by Rafael Alencar, but it’s not fun to watch when he displays all the passion of a fire hydrant.

  3. andrew

    Lots of hotties, especially Micky Mallato, Caleb Mills, Ash Riley, Andy McBride and Jeremy Barker “The Pounder” who is smokin hot.

  4. benjamin

    who owns fratx now?

  5. Reg

    Is it official? Is Johnny Rapid the gay porn “star” to have been fucked the most/taken the most number of cocks in the history of gay porn? Maybe someone should give Guinness a call…

  6. ncbored

    I see that the Johnny Rapid site now allows downloads (with a higher-priced subscription) – that’s a change.

    • McM.

      It is now run by Gamma which has unlimited downloads for yearly subscriptions. They also have the option of bundling sites into an existing sub where you pay a one time fee and retain access as long as you maintain the original subscription. Like, I have a Falcon subscription and bundled Raging Stallion into it a long time ago. Now I am seeing the same offer to bundle Johnny Rapid’s site when I log into my account.

      • ncbored

        The gamble is, how long will the site survive? CollegeDudes (which I bundled) is no longer updating, and some of the NDS sites are defunct or infrequent.

  7. OldFatGuy

    IDK I see that Gamma and Mindgeek are located only 3 miles from each other in Montreal so I wonder if these are really separate companies or just some guys who want to look like they’re separate companies.

  8. andrew

    I love watching sexy Johnny Rapid bottoming.

  9. Bruiser

    Johnny Rapid still bottoming after 12 years in porn that’s 120 in real years.

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