Marco Napoli, Louis Ricaute and Lucca Mazzi

Marco Napoli as the doctor at Say Uncle (via Doctor Tapes).

Dakota Lovell visits Dr. Marco Napoli to undergo a new special treatment. Turns out Dr. Napoli has to be the one personally administering the protein dosage… with his dick… straight into Dakota’s asshole!

Louis Ricaute as an officer of the law at Kristen Bjorn.

Louis Ricaute is working his usual beat when a call comes in about 2 suspects in his area, when he arrives to the location, he finds Marcos Oliveira and Oskar Ivan engaged in some tantalizing behavior.

Lucca Mazzi as a car mechanic at Next Door Taboo [gallery].

Andrew Miller is between jobs, so he agrees to help out at his dad's body shop. Several family members are mechanics at the shop, but none more cocky than Andrew's dad's stepbrother Lucca Mazzi. While Lucca shows Andrew the ropes, he shows him who's boss.

One thought on “Marco Napoli, Louis Ricaute and Lucca Mazzi

  1. Say Uncle’s Doctor series doesn’t have any business being as hot as it (mostly) is; it’s such a ridiculous premise. Whether he’s on the top or bottom, Marco Napoli is my favorite doctor in the series. The one with Marco Napoli, Jesse Zeppelin and Max Lorde is really hot, as is the one where Jay Tee and Cole Church “inject” Marco; the tops appear to cum simultaneously. I don’t know how Marco keeps a straight face delivering those lines.

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