One of the last gay scenes of Bo Sinn

Bo Sinn has moved on after his contract was terminated by Bromo. He is currently in Prague shooting str8 porn.

One of the last remaining gay scenes of Bo was released by Men with Dane Jaxson as his bottom.

How many more are left?

10 thoughts on “One of the last gay scenes of Bo Sinn

  1. This will be…his what, fourth retirement? I don’t believe this for a second is the last time we’ll see him. A couple of the last times he left, it was because he’d met women who he both times wanted to start his own website with and he left with some particularly nasty comments about gay porn…but always comes sloping back.

  2. Bo Sinn said he would never work in gay porn. Then he said he wouldn’t bottom but he did. Bo will be back because he is BISEXUAL. The man is sexually attracted to other men. He likes men too.

  3. He won’t be missed. He’ll do much better in straight porn, where it doesn’t matter how ugly a performer is since they only show their dicks a little else.

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