Riley Mitchel, Trent Atkins, Liam Riley, Roman Todd, Cade Maddox, Andrew Stark, Justin Case, Paul Canon, Sharok, Colby Jansen & Rocky Vallarta

Sebastian did make his presence felt last year with live cam shows.

Randy Blue is back filming scenes.

Trans Day Of Visibility

Wants to be featured on Mr. Health & Fitness.

Asking for a friend 😊

19 thoughts on “Riley Mitchel, Trent Atkins, Liam Riley, Roman Todd, Cade Maddox, Andrew Stark, Justin Case, Paul Canon, Sharok, Colby Jansen & Rocky Vallarta

  1. Unattractive Paul Canon should have stayed retired. His small thumbs still freak me out. He even has a belly in his recent scenes. I always skip the scenes he’s in.

  2. First! So refreshing to come to the comment section before the toxic stench of bi and transphobia and sex work shaming comes reeking out.

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    2. Please, get off your high heels and take your head off your own ass.

      The sheer amount of buzzwords in your post makes me sick.

  3. WAIT…is Sebastian Kross dead? What happened!

    Andrew Stark is BACK? Are we talking just posing, is he back to power-bottoming or are he and the wife back and he’s off-limits still to guys?


    Ah, Rocky and Markus…brothers in anti-vaxing.

    1. I don’t know if it changed, but Andrew Stark wasn’t doing gay content (and not gonna again). I subscribed to his OF a few years ago, and noted all the scenes were either with his gf, a dildo, or just him j/o. I asked via DM if he’d be doing any gay scenes, and at that time, he flatly told me absolutely not.

      1. Yeah, he’s “reformed”. At the time of his gay porn career, some places he said he was bisexual, other places he said he was gay, then he quit porn, got married and started doing cam shows with his wife. I’m not sure why he’s started up “porn” again, which is obviously only going to be straight of with his wife.

        It’s such a shame, because he was a power bottom and totally didn’t seem to be faking enjoying it. The man can take a dick and I actually wish he’d stay away, instead of coming back without really coming back :-/

        1. A lot of gay/bi men desire a family as they get older. It’s easier to be bisexual or undecided and get with a woman to procreate. It’s way cheaper than spending 60K on a surrogate. Just because Andrew is married to a woman doesn’t make him any less bisexual.

  4. Roman Todd has stood the test of time. He actually looks better today than 10 years ago.
    I for one would love to see Andrew Stark come all the way back.
    The man had screen chemistry and actually looked like he enjoyed sex with guys.
    Justin Case – I really want to be all in on this one, but something, I can’t put my finger on it stops me..

  5. Can someone confirm is Sebastian Kross alive or dead? I don’t recall.any announcement from porn blogs about this?

    1. The reply of Liam “I would hope not and I hope that he is doing the best. I honestly wouldn’t even know I haven’t spoken to him since he left the industry.”

  6. I’m not surprised that Riley Mitchell is a basket case. I called that a long time ago. Everyone called me an ‘asshole’ for noticing and pointing it out.

    And of course Sharok believes the trans community makes ‘our community’ better. The bi and Trans community love coming together to make war on the gay community. Awful people.

    1. Having depression does not make you a basket case. You absolutely are an asshole though. You could use some psychotherapy honestly. There is a lot of pent up feelings and hatred in your heart.

      Sharok is 100% correct.

      I only comment under 1 username btw. Surprised more people aren’t fond of your toxicity? Get real.

      1. Hi idiot. Riley is a mess who’s been trying to ‘fuck the paint away’ for years, and its made him messy and bizarre mentally and sexually. He’s a textbook depressive sex addict. Also known as a ‘basket case’ in my world. Get over it.

        1. More toxic shameful drivel from you. You have so much hatred within. I suspect your life is very miserable. Thats why you resort to name-calling and insults on a porn blog to make yourself feel better. Sad.

          1. And you continue to be unable to refute anything I’ve said. If you could, you would have by now.

  7. Riley was already a mess when he started doing porn with vaginas. It has been a steep slope ever since.

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