The 6 guys double penetrated at Belami Online

The double dipping category at Belami Online listed 8 scenes but only 6 guys got the double dipping.

Marcel Gassion with Rhys Jagger & Hoyt Kogan (2016).

Adam Torres with Jason Bacall & Roald Ekberg (2016).

Manuel Rios with Kevin Warhol & Andre Boleyn (2016).

Henrik Bjorn with Hoyt Kogan & Jerome Exupery (2019).

Rick Palmer with Jim Durden & Dylan Maguire (2019) and with Andrei Karenin & Rhys Jagger (2021).

Sven Basquiat with Kirk Gauguin & Justin Saradon (2019).

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  1. DPs are almost as unhealthy as fist fucking. There is no need to tax the sphincter muscles like that. Enjoying bottoming for one hot guy at a time is awesome.

    1. Kudos to you and your simpleton ways of life, as this projection is unwarranted nor necessary.

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