Vander, Chris Jackson, Shane Fisher, Ryan Holtz, Ash Taylor, Brady Jensen & Raphael Cedano (July 2010)

Marc (2007) of Corbin Fisher was introduced by Chaos Men as Vander (Pulaski).

Chris Jackson (2007) of SG4GE was introduced by Sean Cody as Russ. By 2015, Russ was known as Caley at Chaos Men.

Shane Fisher of Randy Blue was introduced as Cody at Southern Strokes (now updates with content bought from Eastern Europe).

Ryan Holtz of College Dudes was introduced as Corey of Spunk Worthy.

Ash Taylor was introduced by Randy Blue. He is now known as Ash.

Jonah of Sean Cody was now known as Brady Jensen in his flip fuck scene with Steven Daigle at Cocksure Men.

Raphael Cedano was introduced by Randy Blue. He was accused of rape of a 7 year old girl in 2020.

Vince Ferelli was pegged [gallery] at Next Door Hook Ups (now a subsite of Next Door Studios).

First gay scene of Samuel O’Toole [gallery] was released by Next Door Studios.

Bad Puppy released an old shoot of Shawn (2005) of Corbin Fisher.

9 thoughts on “Vander, Chris Jackson, Shane Fisher, Ryan Holtz, Ash Taylor, Brady Jensen & Raphael Cedano (July 2010)

  1. These guys are all so hot. What’s caused the overall attractiveness of newer models to go down hill? But at least we can be thankful that Marc/Vander/Vander Pulaski is still around. He ages like fine wine and is hotter than ever!

    1. Vander’s definitely the man!

      Some of my past favorites were Jason Branch, Colton Ford, Zak Spears, Steve Cassidy. I don’t think the new crop of models are any less attractive; to me, Ian Holms, Christian Styles, and Alpha Wolfe are the shiz.

      But (and apologies because this is beating a dead horse) the over-tattooing that shows no signs of letting up is so unattractive. The Alpha Wolfe guy, as hot as I find him, has face tattoos. He is the rare (only?) performer who doesn’t shave or trim his pubes; he has a full, natural bush that looks good.* If only he’d left the rest of himself unadorned.

      *I saw a clip of a Matthew Figata/Michael Boston scene where Matthew is completely shaved in the, er, swimsuit area; he’s a hot man, but that look is not.

  2. I vividly remember when Raphael Cedano debuted. I was so happy at such a great find. That excitement quickly faded away scene by scene. He was terrible. The man couldn’t keep an erection. His best scenes were with Diego Sans and an oral scene with him as the “bottom” because they both had great highlights. Other than that, he sucked. I remember wanting him fired.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer watch his movies. I don’t have the desire to knowing what he has done and now his dick is tainted. I would go on a rant about pornstars and criminality but I digress. Do anybody have an update on his case?

    1. The next schedule action on the case is a status review hearing on June 2, 2022. Pupo (Cedano) refused to attend a previous hearing (even though it seems as is still in jail awaiting trial), so it had to be rescheduled.

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