Where to do it from Men

Men at the movie theater, funeral, sauna & construction site.

Buttering His Popcorn 3 with Dante Colle (top), Michael Boston (top/bottom) & Troye Dean (bottom).

Flasher Dante Colle sits down near Michael Boston and his girlfriend in the movie theater and doesn't even try to hide that he's jacking his cock under his coat… and Michael's into it! Once the lights go down, so does Dante, sneaking over to suck Michael's cock. His girlfriend notices and storms out, and the horny guys are caught by twink usher Troye Dean, who's soon persuaded to join them. The guys suck each other, and Michael and Troye take turns riding Dante before Troye and Dante spit-roast Michael. Then it's the twink's turn to get his hole filled missionary on the floor by Michael till he orgasms, and Dante fucks his face! Michael and Dante bend Troye over between the seats and take turns pounding him till they cum all over his ass.

Top Of The Mourning with Clark Delgaty (top), Johnny Donovan (top/bottom) & Theo Brady (bottom).

There are many sad mourners at Clark Delgaty's funeral, especially his boyfriend Johnny Donovan and his best friend Theo Brady… which makes the very much alive Clark happy as he sneakily watches behind the curtain! Clark is shocked when he overhears that Theo fucked his boyfriend yesterday, then has a view of Theo sneakily sucking Johnny's cock behind the podium during his speech. Clark bursts out and admits to faking his own death, and Johnny suggests they all celebrate that Clark is still alive with a threesome. The guys start kissing as they undress each other, then Theo does a handstand on the couch as Johnny sucks him and Clark plays with his hole.Theo sucks the other guys' cocks, then Clark pounds his boyfriend's hole as Johnny sucks Theo. Theo swallows his best friend's pole while riding Johnny, then Johnny rides Theo and sucks on Clark's dick. Theo cums as his best friend pounds his hole and Johnny fucks his mouth, then takes two big loads on his chest.

Steaming The Straight Jock, to be released next month, with Malik Delgaty (top) & Chris Cool (bottom).

Muscular jock Malik Delgaty and his girlfriend think they got lucky and have the sauna to themselves, but they're quickly joined by Chris Cool. When Chris catches Malik staring after he drops his towel, he's the one who's about to get lucky. Malik makes eye contact with Chris and sneakily strokes his dick, and Chris sneaks over and sucks the top right under his gf's nose! When Malik's girlfriend opens her eyes and catches them, she storms out, bringing over an employee to complain, but the spa attendant is so turned on he keeps watching Malik fuck Chris's mouth through the window! Malik pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then Chris rides the top's dick. The lucky bottom cums as Malik rams his ass, then gets it filled up with a creampie!

Malik & Chris first had a scene at Men in a threesome with Clark Delgaty that happened at a construction site for Jackhammered & Drilled Part 2.

Construction workers Malik Delgaty and Clark Delgaty are hard at work on the job doing some drilling and looking for just the right screw, but their co-worker Chris Cool would rather interrupt their work by swinging his cock and balls around or showing his spread ass. When Chris jizzes all over their freshly painted wall, the muscle hunks vow to teach him a lesson. Chris hides in a box with a hole at each end, and when Malik finds him inside, he makes Chris suck his cock, then calls Clark over to pound the prank-playing bottom's ass doggystyle. They take Chris out of the box to make him suck Clark as Malik takes his turn on that hole, then put him in piledriver and drill his ass with a dildo… literally! Chris promises not to cause trouble again as he takes first Malik, then Clark in missionary, and after the bottom cums he takes two big loads on his face.

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  1. Why do their “fantasies” have to have women on screen for a good third of the videos? And why so much exposition? What’s wrong with two hot guys having sex, with the most being a cowboy hat and boots, a fireman’s helmet, or even just a good old pair of jeans? These scenarios are absolutely pathetic, because they’re being “acted” by people who can’t act, or even put on a good sex show. What, do Dante and Malik think this is their big break into acting? Malik is wooden and Dante’s scum. A simple setting and the only story being great sex…there’s no need for coffins.

    1. I’m completely with you on the kind of porn I seek. But this style of “comic” plot-driven porn must be just the ticket for enough consumers to make it worth producing. I just pass it by. What’s frustrating to me is when I can only see some hot models in this type of production (eg. Devy, Troye Dean) which means plenty of fast-forwarding.

  2. Jake Cruise captured some of the hottest men on video having sex and his set was, literally, just a double bed…and the SAME ONE for years! No chit-chat, no scripts, no scene acting, just hot sex. And his videos are still watched and sought after to this day. 95% of MEN’s scenes are seen at their debut then never watched again, guaranteed.

    1. Several years ago Falcon TV had a scene with Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart. It was bizarre and lame, as they were the three biggest names at Falcon at the time and most of the time was eaten up with just them bullshitting; it was a testament to their ability to perform, though, because although it was completely devoid of passion, once they finally started to fuck, they got hard and right to it.

      That was more exposition than was necessary because my point was Matthew Rush said to whoever the “director” was: Can we for once just have sex on a bed?

      I met Parker Williams once and he said doing porn was mostly uncomfortable because they want you to fuck on the hood of a car, the bed of a pickup, etc.

      I’d rather just see guys fuck on a bed.

      1. Parker Williams… tall, handsome, just the right amount of fur… wipes drool

        Wonder how he is now?

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