7 thoughts on “Andrey Vic, Apolo Adrii, David Skylar, Daniel Evans, Ryan Cage & Simon Best

  1. Andrey Vic is one of the best bottoms and cum eaters to cum out of Russia–several years ago so he’s not a Putin boy–and Apolo is fairly new but very versatile and loves to eat his partner’s spooge. Big mystery about Simon Best (whose only aka is Lucas at BROMO): He identified as hetero in his Higgins intro last year but since then has done 52 videos and 18 movies, many times as a bottom cum eater. How does he think he can get away with being str8?

    1. Well, Simon does do straight porn usually at maturenl (older ladies like 40s 50s and 60s) or this one site that does family fucking stuffs.

  2. Simon Best is so sweet. I love as a bottom more than a top, but I will take him as a bottom or top.

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